How To Heal A Loved One

Divine Being!

I have healed many people from poverty, dis-empowerment and all kinds of physical ailments including cancer and diseases (dis-ease) and so can YOU!!! The first step to heal a loved one is to only see them as the perfect being that God created them as. 🙂  Don’t buy into the illusion of sickness and only see how God made them; whole, perfect and pure!

Here is a wonderful way to heal a loved one of any physical, mental or emotional disease. Say this out loud each morning and evening and instantly the healing shall start to occur due to your powerful prayer! Within 2 weeks you will witness the healing as you believe in God and the power of your prayer:

I have decided to see (name) healed and declare these truths about them:

“This prayer is for (name). They are relaxed at peace, poised, balanced, serene and calm.

The healing intelligence of their subconscious mind that created (name) mind, spirit and body is now transforming every emotion, thought, cell, nerve, tissue, muscle and organ into the perfect pattern of health.

Silently and quietly the God presence within them is creating vitality, wholeness, and beauty of the life principle in their entire being.

(Name) is now open and receptive to these healing currents, which are flowing through them like a mighty mountain stream, renewing and restoring them to perfect health, harmony and peace.

(Name) is now cleansed by the infinite ocean of love, health and well being flowing through them now and so it is! Amen” 

Now go and pray for a loved one or pray for anyone in need of your prayer, and watch how this will heal you too 🙂  

All My Love, Dr. Hank

My Good Health!

My Friend!

The beauty of our magnificence is that we have the power to make our lives the way we want them!

Our thought is so powerful that it literally molds the energy that creates worlds into what we want!  This includes our ability to overcome any health condition and create our good health! 🙂

Read these words with feeling as they will create the good health and youthful body that you desire:

My body responds to my thought!
I have the freedom to think whatever I want!
I now think about me and my good health that pleases me!

I am wanting to have good health!
I am wanting to be slim, trim and fit!
I am wanting to live a long and healthy life!

My thought now creates a youthful body!
I love the idea of looking younger on every deep breath!
I love the idea of feeling younger on every deep breath!

I am wanting to have a full functioning body!
I am wanting to have all of my bodily systems performing beautifully!
I am wanting to have my cells be free and allow my well-being to flow!

My thought is now given to my body feeling good!
I love feeling so good and looking so good!
I love creating a body with vitality and all the energy I want!

Have fun with this and if your right knee hurts, think about your left knee and this good health will flow to your right knee!  As we just focus on our good health, only good health shall flow to us with ease and grace 🙂


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Calling Forth The Circumstances I Want!

My Friend!  We have all been under, or are under, circumstances that we do not want.  Fortunately, we ALL have the power to call forth the circumstances that we do want by simply saying this with lots of FEELING:

I have the power to call forth the circumstances I want and I do so now!

I now shine My “Spotlight of Love” on this situation and rise above the circumstances and allow well-being to flow to Me and into this situation!

I am now more committed than ever to raise My intuition, be guided by God, and allow “Inspired Actions” to flow forth!  I want everything in My Life to be resolved to the satisfaction of My desires!

I now allow WELL-BEING to flow powerfully into this situation and provide the solutions that now emerge Me and this situation and all involved with understanding and well-being for My good!

I have risen above conditions and now make My own conditions that please Me and are for My happy outcome for when I am happy so God is happy 🙂

I love being the “Creator of My Experience!”

I love being in the center of the Universe where I call all the good and positive energy to me!  I call it the way I want it and see this situation play out brilliantly to my benefit and the well-being for ALL!

I love having this situation resolved easily and quickly in My favor.  The die is now cast for Me to be free of these circumstances and start creating a delightful, happy and prosperous Life!  And So It Is!

Enjoy your week and your new Life as you call forth the circumstances you want!


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Rainy Days Bring Sunny Ones!

Blue Sky

My Friend – Two weeks ago I was involved in a major automobile accident.  My brand new car was totaled and I am severely injured and bruised from the top of my head down to my toes.

Yesterday, I completed another operation, this time for my broken wrist that took over 2 hours as the doctors inserted a plate and several screws.  They also took out the stitches from my forehead and top of my head.  I am currently in a high state of pain and only require one more operation where my front 4 teeth will be replaced!

What a great life this is!  I so appreciate this situation for it is these rainy days that create the sunny days!  I have had so many blessings that would have never occurred without this experience.  I have been able to slow down, reflect on my Life, and build deeper relationships with God and so many of you!

As only well being and goodness flows continuously to me, my health shall be better than ever and my life will be showered with more love and abundance!  This rain has brought to me more sunnier and brighter days for this is what I expect and this is what I shall get!

I love you all,

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