Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “Choose Your Path!”

There are only 2 paths that anyone can choose at any given time. The path of struggle or the path of joy! Imagine that there is now a path in front of you that comes to a fork in the road. You can choose which path you wish to take, the one of struggle or the one of joy πŸ™‚
Know that you can grow on either path. Each day you have this choice and today choose the path of joy! Prepare yourself as you simply decide to take the path of joy, moving over easily to begin walking on this path πŸ™‚
Decide that you are willing to have good things come to you!
Decide that you are going to trust the Universe and Your God!
Decide that all the growth you desire is on this joyful path!
You believe in Yourself!
You listen and follow Your inner guidance!
You now catch thoughts of doubt and send them love!
You now have thoughts of confidence!
You now have tapped into Your inner strength!
You now have tuned into Your wisdom and greater perspective!
Throughout the day you feel more confident and sure!
New solutions appear in your mind now!
Answers and creative ideas now show up that lead you to more joy!
You are now experiencing yourself as the new YOU!
You are now confident and powerful!
You are now able to create whatever YOU want!
I ask that you now feel the new you with a new sense of peace, confidence and trust in the Universe! Experience your vibrancy and aliveness, smile and know that you have now chosen the path of joy!
Love, Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “Visualize to Materialize!”

My Friend! As we play our dreams in our mind, we will end up realizing our dreams πŸ™‚ When you feel like you are in your dream, you will find yourself living your dream!

Magic and miracles happen when we visualize what we want! It starts with feeling great just thinking about our dreams and seeing our dreams here with us now. You can feel the magic of Life as you run it through your mind!

Think right now about what you want in Life! Do you want more harmony, more prosperity, more laughter and more good times? Now imagine these things being here right now and pay attention to how good you feel! It is this feeling that shall lead you to your happiness for it is all about VISUALIZE TO MATERIALIZE!

This is the power of your imagination and we all have this amazing ability! Simply state these things to materialize what you visualize:

I want to expand my imagination!
I want to feel now as though I have what I want!
I want to visualize my dreams and then trust God shall deliver!

I want to expand my creativity!
I want to feel good as I have the power to do so!
I want to see my Life as I want it, filled with prosperity and joy!

Take this day to daydream more and imagine how sweet it is to be this brilliant creator that can call forth everything you want as you VISUALIZE TO MATERIALIZE!

Love, Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “If I Can Think It, I Can Live It!”

We are each so powerful and have the ability to create whatever We want. It all starts with being able to think it! If you can think it, YOU can live it!

Right now, think about what success You wish to have. This may be success with Your health, with Your relationships or with Your financial independence. As You think about Your success, then You are able to create the success You desire. Read the following to build the energy that will bring Your dreams into Your Life!

I am thinking about the possibilities I want in My Life!
This is the first step to living My possibilities!
I now think only about getting what I want!

I am entering into the new Life possibilities that I desire!
Right now I choose where I want to go!
I don’t need to know how it happens, I simply choose and trust it will come!

I am now fulfilling My dreams πŸ™‚
My clear intention is here and so it will be here in My experience!
I am open to the opportunities now coming My way!

I name it and I now claim it!
My thought now leads to the energy and feeling of having what I want!
I am now open to a new Life that I envision right now!

It is such fun to know that whatever We think about can come into Our experience easily and quickly. Let Us all gather together today and think only about what delights Us and raises Our vibration to that of Our Source!

Love, Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “What Rope Are You Pulling?”

We are all pulling on ropes with Our thoughts and whatever rope we are pulling on comes to Us.Β One thought leads to the next thought that leads to more emotional thoughts and eventually We pull into Our experience whatever those strings of thought are!

This idea of pulling on ropes reminds Me of when our cruise ship docked in Sweden.Β I watched as the crew threw a small rope onto the pier. The people on shore started to pull this small rope that was then tied to another larger rope and eventually led to a 2 foot diameter rope that drew this ship to the dock!

We all want Our ship to come in and We all have the power and ability with Our thought to choose the ship of abundance to flow easily and powerfully into our Lives πŸ™‚ Β 

This week ask Yourself what ropes You are pulling on and ponder if it is the highest and best thought for these subjects:

My RELATIONSHIPS are tender, loving, deep and meaningful πŸ™‚
My JOB is fun and leading Me to more abundance and happiness!
My HEALTH is getting better and I feel and look younger!

I AM soft, gentle and loving to Myself and to All πŸ™‚
I THINK about how I want to see My world!
I FEEL good and pay more attention to My feelings than anything else!

I FOCUS on My abundance and joyful Life that is coming to Me!
I ALIGN with My broader knowing and perspective!
I INVITE all the good things that I desire to come to Me easily and powerfully!

Each moment of every day We are ALL pulling on ropes of thoughts that lead to the Life We live tomorrow. Let Us all pull on the string of thoughts that lead to the large ropes that dock the ship of Our dreams! 

Love,Β  Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “The Perfect Words!”

It is our mindset, how we begin our day, and think throughout our day that determines our happiness. All we need to do is appreciate where we are, what we have and that more is coming!

Below are the perfect words that I would encourage you to read each day that will make all that you want come your way πŸ™‚

I so appreciate everything that I am now!
I so appreciate everything that I have now!
I so appreciate everything that I have become now!

I am so satisfied where I am at!
I enjoy where I am!
I am content and happy right here and right now!

Everything I want is coming at the perfect time!
Everything I want is coming to me in the perfect portions!
Everything is unfolding as I want as I am feeling good now!

I am so eager for more of the things I like coming my way!
I am so expectant for more wanted coming my way!
I now allow myself to feel good and know I am getting better!

Enjoy your day, be kind to yourself and think about all that you have and all the wanted that is coming to you as you relax, be easy and lighten up πŸ™‚

Love, Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “I Am a Master!”

We are all Masters for whatever we ask for, think about and then feel comes to US perfectly from our Source. We are each Masters of our own feelings, our own thoughts and our own focus πŸ™‚

Read these thoughts gently as you drift easily into the Master which YOU were born to be and which YOU are!

My journey is so much fun!
My perfection is evidenced by my creations!
My creations are amazing, brilliant and oh so pleasing!

I love having the Universe giving me more wanted opportunities!
I love having the Universe responding to my every thought and feeling!
I love having the Universe ALWAYS guiding me and loving me so!

I feel such satisfaction in ME!
I feel such satisfaction in YOU!
I feel such satisfaction for all the wanted that is coming to ME!

I love the gifts of contact this world offers!
I love the gifts of choosing that which I prefer!
I love the gifts of freedom to have what I want!

I get what I ask for!
I get what I feel with my emotions!
I get to expand thoughts and feelings beyond where they have been!

I am a Master at my own THOUGHTS!
I am a Master at my own FEELINGS!
I am a Master at my own FOCUS!

It is so comforting that we are ALL MASTERS of our fate as WE ALL have the power and ability to create that which we want starting NOW!

Love, Dr. Hank