Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “I Don’t Know!”

There are many things that I simply do not know.  The list is long of the things I do not know!  For example:

I don’t know how it’s going to come.
I don’t know where it will come from.
I don’t know who will be part of it.
I don’t know when it will get here.
I don’t know the path for which it comes.

For the when, where and who is God’s job.  However, I do know the essence of how Life works as I simply think about the WHAT and WHY I want it and here is a short list that you and I can know for sure:

I know My Source is ever present with me, guiding me!
I know I can manifest anything that I ask for when I allow it!
I know the path shall unfold to me exactly as I ask!
I know My feelings will tell me if I am on the path or not!
I know it will be easy as I ask for it to be easy!
I know it will be fun as I ask for it to be fun!

It is so wonderful to be the Creator of our own reality and experience. For this we do know and we prove it to ourselves each day.  Let us today think about the things that we do want and lay to rest the thoughts of the things we are guarded about and fear.  Nothing is real unless we think it is so and we now know that as we think about what we want all of our dreams shall come true.


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Looking for Love!

My Friend! Have You been looking for Love but in all the wrong places? We all want to be loved, and it all starts with loving Ourselves first.

Last night I watched the funny and what many consider spiritual movie of “Ground Hog Day”. Bill Murray wakes up every morning at 6:00 in the same bed, same city and the same day! Do You sometimes feel like it is the same day too with the same routine, same people and same outcomes?

Bill Murray wanted love and He was looking for love in the wrong places by attempting to please others. The moment He turned his attention on Loving Himself, He was able to Love others and then His Life moved to the next new, brighter and loving day!

If You want to have a new day where You are renewed, refreshed and excited about the fabulous moments ahead of You, simply read this with feeling!

I now seek and find Love in Myself!
I look within for the eternal Love that awaits Me!
I now recognize My Inner Soul, My Inner Being!

Love and Infinite Intelligence are always with Me!
All those before Me are here with Me to Love, guide and support Me!
ALL THAT IS Loves Me and wants to show Me the way 🙂

All that I have done is important!
Where I am is important!
Where I am going is most important!

I choose the residence of being with My Love, My God!
I focus on being fully in this Loving moment!
I see only Love in everything and then more Love comes to Me!

Let Us all see the Love in this world, in all others and most importantly within Ourselves…for this is looking for Love in ALL the right places!


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3 Things To Teach Your Kids

My Friend – I just became a grandfather this year and have now experienced a new type of love that is beyond any love I have had before. This miracle caused me to ponder on what I want to teach my grandson so he can have the time of his life and all of his dreams to come true!

This then caused me to consider three other miracles that happened in my life and those are my 3 amazing and wonderful sons! I brought them up to have “Unconditional Love”, something I showed them through my example, and also to KNOW that they could be and do anything that they wanted.

These are certainly two teachings as a parent that contributed to the brilliant creators and kind sons that I have been blessed with. However, I now will bring my grandson up knowing these three truths:

The first is for my grandson, Noah, to know that this is a mental world. The physical world we see comes from the mental world in which we think! All he need do is think ceaselessly about what he wants and it will only be possible for him to receive it!

The second teaching is to care most about how he FEELS! This is so, for as we feel good we are living the life of our Soul and aligned with God. It is our feelings that provide the guidance system from our Source and lead us to our Lighted and Golden path 🙂

The final truth and teaching for Noah is for him to know that he can be, do and have everything and anything he wants! As Christ said, you can do these things and even more, including moving mountains!

As I consider these 3 things to teach your kids, I realized that these are the things that each of us can live by to have the full and wonderful Life that was meant for us all!


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