Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Happy For No Reason!” Thanksgiving!!!

My Friend!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are going to create thoughts to make Your Holiday Season and 2018 be the happiest as You become “Happy For No Reason!”

There is a place within You that is a more natural place of peace and happiness where You can experience a richer experience of true happiness! Breathe deeply in and out now and release and relax Yourself as Your mind and body align to Your purpose of being HAPPY! 🙂

Focus Your attention within and expand Your inner awareness as You direct Your thoughts to a pleasant and deeper place of comfort as You feel complete!  Begin to float Your thoughts and Inner Mind and allow yourself to be guided by Your Higher Self as Your inner senses expand into the possibilities of an inner home of Happiness!

Within You is a solid foundation, with a clear mind and everlasting happiness that is, as You fill Your heart and mind with appreciation and Thanksgiving!  Feel love to Yourself and You are now getting into the habit of feeling better everyday as You live a full and joyous Life starting right now !:)

Remember how good it feels to appreciate the little things and the blessing that You have with every breath and heartbeat.  See Your future possibilities and open Yourself to Your dreams!  Go beyond Life’s circumstances and to a destination within and beyond space and time to discover the treasure within YOU!

Realize now Your true magnificence as it is Your choice to choose happiness! As You become happy for no reason, it builds the foundation of Your Heart, Mind, and Body as You experience peace and well being.  You are now personally responsible and know that it is Your thoughts that allows You to realize the amazing creator of Your Life that You are! 🙂

You are a champion, a champion of Life!  You build Your INNER HOME of Happiness as the pillars of Your mind, heart and body are being promoted with Your positive thoughts and greater expression of joy and peace!  In fact, happiness and appreciation now show up in Your Life in every moment forever more!  Every smile on Your beautiful face and every good feeling of Your Heart shines brightly now! 🙂

You now are a happier person for You have this ability to be “Happy For No Reason” and You are there now and can go there to raise Yourself and walk hand in hand with God 🙂  True Inner Happiness is now Yours as this Thanksgiving, this Holiday Season and 2018 now soar to new heights of happiness, health and wealth! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Hank

I Give Thanks!

My Friend! This is a wonderful time of year and the perfect time to give thanks for all that we are, all that we have and all that we are becoming!

One of my dear friends, Marcus, calls Thanksgiving his favorite holiday! Indeed it is as we are thankful, and in a state of appreciation, we are telling God “I WANT MORE OF IT!” And so God comes calling with more of these delicious treats of Life!

Let us walk in confidence to the lions in our way, sweeping all our fears away and choosing to be thankful as we run with Spirit and see all the good in our lives! This is a time to rejoice, to choose positive thoughts and to savor the victory that is won with God that lies within us!

We are magnets of the Universe and we give thanks for our whirlwind of success! The decks are cleared for divine well-being to flow to us like a powerful mountain stream now! We have and we hold, from this day forth, the knowing that all is ours by Divine Right!

Let us today call upon the power that is within us, the Kingdom within, and call forth our thankfulness for this day is ours to enjoy, savor and ask for what we want! Nothing is too good for us, everything is available for us and we give thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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