Formula for Success

Hereā€™s the formula to your success.  Read these thoughts several times day:

ā€œI always receive guidance on the subjects I think most about!  I now think about my forever growing success in my life.

Infinite intelligence is within me.  It is all wise, it knows all and sees all!  This divine intelligence is now leading me, guiding me and revealing to me the perfect plan and showing me the way to go for my success! The answers now come to me in peace and harmony!

I go forth boldly and trust the God presence within me to bring me the success I desire!ā€

Love, Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “The Perfect Words!”

It is our mindset, how we begin our day, and think throughout our day that determines our happiness. All we need to do is appreciate where we are, what we have and that more is coming!

Below are the perfect words that I would encourage you to read each day that will make all that you want come your way šŸ™‚

I so appreciate everything that I am now!
I so appreciate everything that I have now!
I so appreciate everything that I have become now!

I am so satisfied where I am at!
I enjoy where I am!
I am content and happy right here and right now!

Everything I want is coming at the perfect time!
Everything I want is coming to me in the perfect portions!
Everything is unfolding as I want as I am feeling good now!

I am so eager for more of the things I like coming my way!
I am so expectant for more wanted coming my way!
I now allow myself to feel good and know I am getting better!

Enjoy your day, be kind to yourself and think about all that you have and all the wanted that is coming to you as you relax, be easy and lighten up šŸ™‚

Love, Dr. Hank

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