Your Sense of Destiny!

My Friend! Today let us think of our Lives as conspiring to achieve great goals and great contributions to mankind. By doing so we embrace our own sense of destiny!

Having a sense of destiny is the hallmark of potential and greatness of a human being 🙂 To unlock the powers of Your Super Mind and Super Self do these easy steps to your destiny:

1. Choose to view yourself as the active creative influence of your own Life! Taking this mental control puts you in the Divine seat of Your DESTINY! You become aware of the role you play with your own powerful thoughts directing the course of events.

2. Standing back and looking at your Life, you realize that nothing happened randomly in your Life and everything happened with synchronicity. Everything is triggered because YOU triggered it!

3. Now imagine and know that the inevitable outcome for YOU is that all of your dreams and desires are coming true!!!

Now tell Yourself today: “I AM A STROKE OF GENIUS!”

You are now making Your Life a great Life! Your sense of destiny has been awakened and you now prepare Yourself for all the opportunities and miracles that lie ahead for YOU due to “Your Sense of Destiny!”


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Here are your daily affirmations for each day this week:

Quote: “I am an active participant in My own evolution!”

Quote: “I am an exceptional person and am making a significant contribution to My world!”

Quote: “I look upon My Life from a higher and broader plane and see how magnificent I am and all others are!”

Quote: “Everything I now live is an opportunity to experience more growth, freedom and joy!”

Quote: “The events of My Life are made from an incredible complex and interconnectiveness with ALL THAT IS!”

Quote: “I am a superior intellect with a sense of coherence!”

Quote: “My Life is part of a greater essence that fits together and happens for My good!”


My Friend! We increase whatever we praise! All of creation responds to praise and is glad 🙂

As we “GIVE PRAISE” the thoughts and words of such are the most powerful force for good on earth! As we communicate more praise, more abundant praise grows!

Today, let’s give praise to ourselves and say to yourself “well done” for who you are and all the wanted that is coming to you! Take hold of this power of praise and watch it strengthen you beyond what you currently are 🙂

It then takes so little to make people feel better, by just a touch, a word kindly spoken or your open heart that touches another’s soul. Kind words cost nothing and give both to those spoken to and to you! For as you GIVE PRAISE so praise is given back to you 🙂

All doors open to praise, and as you simply ask to start praising yourself and others in every moment, the thoughts shall flow to you from a higher divine Source that shall bless all of us for eternity 🙂


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Make Your Own Reality Today!

My Friend!

Did you know that you get what you think about? You have the power to think your dreams into reality! In fact, YOU make your own reality and can make a better reality for yourself, family and others right now. 🙂

The show stopper to our dreams is our beliefs and our beliefs were for the most part given to us by others! Most of our old beliefs create tunnel vision for us. Our beliefs act like filters as though we each have different sun glasses as we think and perceive our lives.

As we ask to direct our beliefs to our dreams we will overcome stifling beliefs and start having more fun! Here are some new beliefs to have so you can have more of your dreams here today:

What do you think about other people? I now believe all people have the ability to be kind, loving, good-hearted, harmonious and fun!

What do you think about life? I now believe life is a magical carpet ride that is exciting, fun, and enjoyable where I make my own reality!

What do you think about your health? I now believe that I can have and do have good health where I feel wonderful and expect to be even healthier!

What do you think about yourself? I now believe that I am magnificent! That I am a brilliant creator! I have a high level of self esteem and God and All That Is loves, guides and supports me!

You are the captain of your ship and as you allow these new beliefs to flow powerfully to you, the statement you “Make Your Own Reality Today!” will not only be true but it will be filled with a better reality!

Good luck with your new sun glasses Dear One 🙂


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Reprogramming Your Mind

Positive Thoughts For Self Esteem Building

To improve the quality of our lives we must improve the quality of our thinking! This all starts with improving our belief in ourselves. When I was brought up I was emotionally abused and I didn’t think I was much of anything.

I changed my thinking and now believe that I am indeed made in the image and likeness of God!

I attract all good things - affirmation

Another great and easy way to reprogram our minds is to EXPECT the best of ourselves and every situation we are in. As we develop this self expectancy we become the self fulfilling prophecy from which we think. We are all the attractors of people and circumstances through our thoughts, so let us think good thoughts about ourselves and this world!

We are all magnets and whatever we dwell upon grows into our experience. As we water and fertilize our minds with good feeling thoughts we shall have a harvest of all our dreams coming true.

Our minds can only hold one thought at a time and we are the chooser of these thoughts being positive or negative. As we consistently have positive thoughts on who we want to be, it is only possible to be this extraordinary person for which you want to be!


The mind shall not stand idle and it is up to us to reprogram our minds and fill them with good, wanted and positive thoughts. Unhappiness is caused by our negative and unwanted thoughts so let us all commit to ourselves this week to be happy with our positive and wanted thoughts!


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Tapping Into Your Unlimited Potential

You Can Change EverythingHere are 3 easy steps to begin to change your mindset, reprogram your thought process and tap into your unlimited potential to have an even better life!


The first step is to develop and then state positive, present tense affirmations.  Have these personalized, positive and in the present tense.  Examples of meaningful affirmation include:


I love myself!

I feel terrific!

I am decisive!

I allow large sums of money to flow into my experience!

Whatever the conscious mind believes and accepts, then you will be given.  It is our thought power that delivers to us our desire.  Our thoughts have an inordinate and magnetic energy that can create anything in our lives that we want.


The second way to program your mind to what you want is to visualize in your mind’s eye that which is the end results of your dreams.  This will magically play out for you for whatever you hold in your mind’s eye shall appear in your experience.

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When you can see it you will be able to achieve it!  Get a clear mental picture of the ideal you and see the ideal results of what you want. These can include seeing yourself as youthful, slim, trim and fit.  Then see the results you have with a successful business, attracting the ideal clients and harmonious and uplifting people.  Start seeing it the way you want it!


The third easy step to re-program your thinking is to act the part you want to be with the characteristics and attributes that you want!  Behavioral psychologists have found that how you feel becomes your outward expression.  As you pretend that you are happy, enthusiastic, confident and whatever other attributes you want, you will become those things!


Begin today to act the role of self-confidence, enthusiasm, power and vitality!  As you are excited, alert, alive and start now carrying yourself as you want to be, your actions will then turn your feelings to good and better feelings that will then lead you to all of your dreams.  Pretend how you want to feel and then it will become your reality.


One fun way to improve your self image is to get all dressed up, stand in front of a mirror, smile, and say to yourself, “I feel terrific and I love myself!”  Another easy way is to sit or lay down, relax and breathe deeply and slow down your mind.  Imagine your thoughts are just clouds and let them drift by easily and see the clear blue sky.  In this space are all the answers and solutions that you have sought!


50275629_sBehavioral Psychology has also found that when we feel a certain way we tend to act that way!  Let us today act like the magnificent creators we are, and relax and train our minds to think about what we want.  First thing every morning say to yourself, “My dominant intent is to seek and find things that make me feel good!” and then watch as those things come into your life!


To Your Success & Happiness, Dr. Hank