Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “I Have the Ability!”

We all speak to ourselves and most of us don’t say very nice things to ourselves! 

For most, if you add up all the negative things people say about you, it pales compared to what you are saying to yourself.  Just to make sure you are nice to yourself, print the below thoughts about how awesome you are and know that you have the ability to…

I have the ability to control my thoughts to help me feel good. 
I have the ability to respond in a good way, no matter what the conditions.

I now choose to have nice thoughts about me and my wonderful abilities. 
I now choose to expect great things to come to me today.

I feel good as I think about my good abilities. 
I feel good about myself.

I create what I think about and I am now expanding more of my good abilities. 
I create the things I want by thinking upon what I want.

I love myself and others. 
I love that I have this power to have the Life I think about.

I have the ability to be kind, sure, confident and happy. 
I direct my abilities to have more fun, enjoy more and be more.

I have the ability to feel good and have a good day and so I do. 

Enjoy your day and know that you have the abilities to be, do and have it all!

Love,  Dr. Hank