Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “Creating Deeper Relationships!”

One of the reasons we came here is to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with ourselves and each other. As we awaken to knowing that everyone has a higher self, our Soul Self, we instantly create deeper relationships.

Let us start by identifying one person in your life who you wish to create a deeper and more loving relationship with. Now take a few deep breaths in, as this connects you with your Soul instantly, and then be this…

Feel yourself becoming more balanced and centered and ask to open your heart to experience greater love for Yourself and with this other person. Imagine a beautiful sphere of golden bright light is surrounding you and now going out to this other person.  The nature of your soul is love, the essence of your being and the core of who you are and who this other person is.

Now send out your light and love to this other person and feel their presence and their light and love as the two of you connect on the Soul level, at the place and vibration where the Angels hang out! Feel your connection with this other person and the purest and most loving height of ecstasy!

Picture your heart centers connecting, energy centers blending with each other as a radiant sun of light, shining out a warm, nurturing, magnetic, Life-giving Light of Love. Give your offering of love, compassion, kindness, loving understanding and well-being to this person. You are in this moment connected Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart, exchanging the energy of the all powerful love that you both possess and are now at one with.

Enjoy this connection and now send new and more loving thoughts and feeling to this person. Now ask for this person, this being, to have a fuller, more loving and deeper connection with you! You have now opened Yourself to new and exciting ways to flow love to this person and to now receive more love from this person and all that is!

Now breathe deeply, give thanks and know that you have now created a deeper relationship with this person and you shall experience even better times with them, better conversations with them and better thoughts and feeling with them!

You now have a way to transform all relationships into loving Soul connections that will also transform you into being your Soul’s LOVE ūüôā Congratulations!!!


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Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Push My Buttons!”

We have all had those people in our lives that just know or knew how to push our buttons. ¬†I can think about my in-laws who knew how to “Push My Buttons!” ¬†Man they used to upset me!

How about you, who is in your Life that pushes your buttons? ¬†Usually it is people that are very close to us. ¬†I know a woman who complains to me about the lack of intimacy that her spouse gives her. ¬†When I asked her about what she wants from her spouse, she continued to tell me about what she didn’t like about him…what she didn’t want. ¬†No wonder she was not happy with him!

If you would like to have those people stop pushing your buttons, you must realize that you are the one who created the buttons! ¬†“Push MY Buttons” are indeed your buttons and You can have them stop once you stop thinking about and talking about your old buttons!

All we need do is understand and accept that the active vibrations within us then show¬†themselves to us in our experience! ¬†If we keep on thinking about what we don’t like, about the buttons we don’t like, then we shall continue to get what we don’t want.

This week let us decide to make new buttons about what we want!  No matter what you do and where you go, you take yourself with you!  You follow yourself where you go and today is the day that you make the buttons of your dreams.  The whole world will then push your buttons and you will love it for these are the buttons that you have deliberately intended.

Instead of accepting the current circumstances that you are living, let us all decide to create new circumstances as we make new buttons that make our dreams come true! ¬†Then you can say “Push My Buttons” and enjoy it. ‚ėļ


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