A New Year Message From Dr. Hank: “The Easy Step To Bliss!”

My Friend!  Would you be interested in having the most blissful, delightful and delicious physical experience that uplifts you beyond your wildest dreams?

The easy step to this blissful state is to focus upon the beauty that is right here in your experience!  As you ask to see what you want to see right where you are sitting, you shall observe this beautiful world and what you have co-created in it!  Say to yourself gently and easily, with passion and tenderness:

I want to see something that I want to see 🙂

I see the beautiful blue sky and clouds 🙂
I see the graceful bird fly by with ease and grace 🙂
I see the smile of a loved one 🙂

I want this moment to be blissful!
I want this moment to be delightful!
I want this moment to be magical!

I feel the love of my Source with me 🙂
I feel the worthiness that is me 🙂
I feel the power of my being 🙂

I now feel what I want to feel!
I now think what I want to think!
I now sense what I want to sense!

As you focus on what you want to see, and feel yourself feeling good from that, you shall become a magnet attracting unto you more wanted things!  In each moment we have the power to create a most beautiful experience and let us do so now 🙂


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