Getting More Money By FEELING!

My Friend! We have been told through the ages, and it is true, that as You ASK, You shall Receive! However, most have asked for more money and not received it or not received as much as we want…

Most times when we ask we are actually saying “I don’t have enough of it!” Our request is made from an awareness of it missing! This then triggers not enough and we end up receiving not enough!

As you start to ask for money today, say “I want to FEEL my financial abundance!” This asking will generate a feeling of more money before you have it and then it shall appear! Then say “I love the feeling of having more money in my checking account!”

It is all about the feeling you have about money or any type of abundance. Most FEEL about money in terms of lacking it and worrying about it! Turn your attention from concern and fear to a FEELING of fun and excitement with eagerness to easily having more money flow to YOU like a mountain stream 🙂

As YOU improve your emotions about money, more money shall be evidenced in Your experience. The path to financial independence is simply an EMOTIONAL PATH! And the fastest way to more money is to look for everything that is playing out for You, everything that You appreciate and as You emerge Your thoughts and feelings in these things, abundance shall come to You in all ways!

And now Your financial prosperity is already improving! It is not hard work, luck or favoritism but this gentle and easy feeling of prosperity that the Universe responds to as You shall now receive more money and abundance!


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Your Wish Is My Command!

My Friend!

Don’t you just love the Genie in the lantern story where you rub the lantern and the magical Genie appears, and you get to ask for what you wish for!  Within all of us is a magical Genie that is awaiting and telling you, “Your wish is my command!”

For us to tap into this Genie within, we must be the one to command, for God acts upon your thought, upon your asking!  Today confirm with yourself that you have unwavering faith and belief that what you ask for shall be manifested in your Life. You do not need to know how as you will attract the thoughts, people and things as you simply think about them.  Then allow “the Father to do the work”!

As you feel wonderful about what you want, such as a thriving Life and good health, your good feelings shall match the vibration of your command and the energy of your emotions will take you from a fantasy into a fact and your reality!

Lighten up and enjoy this marvelous Life you have created and know that everything is going to get better for you from now on!


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