Calling Forth The Circumstances I Want!

My Friend!  We have all been under, or are under, circumstances that we do not want.  Fortunately, we ALL have the power to call forth the circumstances that we do want by simply saying this with lots of FEELING:

I have the power to call forth the circumstances I want and I do so now!

I now shine My “Spotlight of Love” on this situation and rise above the circumstances and allow well-being to flow to Me and into this situation!

I am now more committed than ever to raise My intuition, be guided by God, and allow “Inspired Actions” to flow forth!  I want everything in My Life to be resolved to the satisfaction of My desires!

I now allow WELL-BEING to flow powerfully into this situation and provide the solutions that now emerge Me and this situation and all involved with understanding and well-being for My good!

I have risen above conditions and now make My own conditions that please Me and are for My happy outcome for when I am happy so God is happy 🙂

I love being the “Creator of My Experience!”

I love being in the center of the Universe where I call all the good and positive energy to me!  I call it the way I want it and see this situation play out brilliantly to my benefit and the well-being for ALL!

I love having this situation resolved easily and quickly in My favor.  The die is now cast for Me to be free of these circumstances and start creating a delightful, happy and prosperous Life!  And So It Is!

Enjoy your week and your new Life as you call forth the circumstances you want!


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Do More “Thank Abouts”!

My Friend!

We can all have a better Life by simply thinking about the things we appreciate! As we are in a state of appreciation we are telling God “I WANT MORE MORE OF IT!”

The current Life is we live is simply the accumulation of our previous thought and as we THANK ourselves ABOUT that smile, that fun time, this new opportunity and that amazing miracle we are doing “THANK ABOUTS”!

Today, please sit down and write down  “THANK ABOUTS” starting with the first 10 years of your Life, then the next 10 years, until you have come to the last 24 hours of your life.  Now write down all the things you appreciate in the past 24 hours, from obvious things like you woke up this morning, to a smile someone gave you, to a pleasant thought you had about your Life right now.

There is so much for us to be grateful about, to appreciate and to “THANK ABOUT” that soon your mind will be filled with pleasant thoughts and soon your Life will be filled with more of these “THANK ABOUTS”!

To More Happiness For You,

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Join “The Rich Get Richer Club”

My Friend!

I want to invite you to join “The Rich Get Richer Club!”.  It is easy, fun and FREE!

Here are the instructions to sign up to the club:

  1. Number One:  Pay attention to only the things that are playing out in your Life!
  2. Number Two:  When something doesn’t go the way you want, say to yourself: “This is what I don’t want, what do I want?”
  3. Number Three:  When it isn’t going the way you want, just ASK for what you want!
  4. Number Four:  When you want to create what you want, simply breathe deeply for 3 minutes and this will take you into a place of receiving what you do want!

So only think about being RICH in your health, relationships and wealth…and you have joined “The Rich Get Richer Club”!


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The Cure to Good Health!

My Friend! The doctors say that in all the hospitals in the United States, one out of every two people is there for a mental ailment. I say that ALL sickness is due to a poor mental attitude!

The main cause for these mental ailments is fear, False Evidence Appearing Real! As one relives a highly emotional experience of the past, such as shell-shocked veterans or a negative emotional/physical experience from childhood, the experience seems as though it is happening right now!

THE Cure to Good Health is to first face the fear and realize it is not real. Fear is like a shadow and when you shine your Light on the fear it shall dissipate. Your Light is Your positive thoughts on how you want it! Say to yourself:

I have the power to be healthy!
I call forth good health in my body right now!

Every cell in my body is lighting up with love and light!
Every thought of mine is now only focused on my good health!

As you lose yourself in these thoughts and call forth good health, so shall good health and well being come running to you! I told myself after my miraculous car experience, where I nearly died twice, that I would be healthier than I was before this experience…and so I am, thank you Lord! And so can you for as you ASK you shall RECIEVE when you BELIEVE!


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My Friend! It is the thought of poverty that can be considered the greatest negative thought in the world today. It is the worst enemy of morality and peace and happiness and to BE RICH!

Poverty fills our prisons with thieves, causes us disease and is the foundation of misery in this world. If you ask your Soul, is abundance my Divine right, you shall be answered with a loud and powerful YES! As the Universe is abundant, so you deserve to have abundance and to BE RICH!

There are more riches in this world than mankind can ever exhaust!

There is more power in the atom alone than man can ever use!

There are unlimited resources of food and riches and comfort yet dreamed of!

God is not partial to but a few! All riches are given freely to all and it is as easy as when Ali Baba said “Open, Sesame!” and that opened the treasures of the world! The key is to ask!

Whatever you are thinking about is your asking and it matters not if you are thinking about the past, what is going on in your life or what you want to happen in the future! So ask for YOUR future to BE RICH and filled with love, joy, freedom and all the money for your heart’s desire and it shall be given to YOU!


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I See Vividly!

My Friend – We were all born with a vivid imagination but starting in our early years we were taught to be guarded, not to do things and for sure not to dream things for what would happen if they didn’t turn out the way we dreamed…

Fortunately, we all still have our dream machines and now we know that what we think about expands. As we only think about what we want (our dreams) it shall only be possible to have our dreams come true!

It used to be that when things were going well we were told, or we told ourselves, ‘it is too good to be true’. It used to be easier to see failure than success, unhappiness than happiness, disharmony versus harmony. But that is all is our past as of right now!

Affirm to yourself the following and it shall be done to you:

I see vividly my success!
I see vividly my happiness!
I see vividly my harmony!

I see vividly my immediate supply!
I see vividly my endless supply!
I see vividly my dreams coming true!

All this comes from My Higher Power!
All doors fly open to all that I want!
All channels shine brightly for me!

I see vividly my radiant health!
I see vividly my perfect and permanent health!
I see vividly my abundance of everything wanted!

Everything is coming your way now in a blink of an eye! You are free, you are abundant and your dreams now come true in an ever flowing stream! Rejoice, give thanks and know that it is all in your power to see vividly once again!


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3 Things To Teach Your Kids

My Friend – I just became a grandfather this year and have now experienced a new type of love that is beyond any love I have had before. This miracle caused me to ponder on what I want to teach my grandson so he can have the time of his life and all of his dreams to come true!

This then caused me to consider three other miracles that happened in my life and those are my 3 amazing and wonderful sons! I brought them up to have “Unconditional Love”, something I showed them through my example, and also to KNOW that they could be and do anything that they wanted.

These are certainly two teachings as a parent that contributed to the brilliant creators and kind sons that I have been blessed with. However, I now will bring my grandson up knowing these three truths:

The first is for my grandson, Noah, to know that this is a mental world. The physical world we see comes from the mental world in which we think! All he need do is think ceaselessly about what he wants and it will only be possible for him to receive it!

The second teaching is to care most about how he FEELS! This is so, for as we feel good we are living the life of our Soul and aligned with God. It is our feelings that provide the guidance system from our Source and lead us to our Lighted and Golden path 🙂

The final truth and teaching for Noah is for him to know that he can be, do and have everything and anything he wants! As Christ said, you can do these things and even more, including moving mountains!

As I consider these 3 things to teach your kids, I realized that these are the things that each of us can live by to have the full and wonderful Life that was meant for us all!


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The Miraculous Recovery!

My Friend! It has now been two months since my miraculous car experience 🙂 I had stitches on the top of my head and forehead, lost my 4 front teeth, crushed my chest, had a broken left arm (and I’m left handed!), my legs paralyzed and knees 3 inches higher than where they had been before!!! Yikes!

There are so many people to give thanks to for their prayers, expertise, love and support! I give thanks to the medical emergency people, the doctors, nurses, dentists and all the other amazing people that helped me physically 🙂 I give thanks for all the prayers of good health and well being, the thoughtful cards and kind words! I so appreciate my family, friends and loved ones who helped me through these times!

I am happy to report that I, in many ways, am better than I was before the miraculous car experience! My fingers are more flexible than ever, my back and knees are better than before and I have deeper and more powerful feelings of the presence of God, those that have walked before me and all my Angels and Guides that are alive and well and guiding me and supporting me to my good health 🙂

This is testimony of who does the healing and it is God! We each have the power to have it the way we want it and as we only focus on what we want – in my case I wanted good health – then the energy of good health comes calling in powerful and miraculous ways!

If I can have a miraculous recovery, so we all have the power to create our lives the way we want them! We can have good health, we can have abundance, we can have great relationships and it is all up to us to focus our thoughts and feelings on these things we want and disregard the things we don’t want!

Thank you for your prayers, your love and for being the magnificent creator for which you are! Let’s create more miraculous things in our lives this week!!!

Love & Fun,

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The Energy Stream

My Friend!

Everything is made from energy and we each get to choose which energy stream we are going to flow with today! Say these statements to yourself each day this week and be on the wanted energy stream of your desires:

I am at the right place at the right time!
I only want to influence the state of my joy!
As I feel better I perpetuate better!

I am responsible for me!
I only call forth the loving energy from God!
In every adverse situation lies the seed of equivalent benefit!

I am filled with profound timing!
I only am focused on the concierge in the sky!
In every desire and belief of mine is the feeling of goodness!

I am the allower of my own blessings!
I only feel the pleasure and joy of my desires!
In my truth of desires, that is unseen, it shall come forth into fruition!

You have the energy and knowledge to create your desires as you feel good and ride the high flying energy stream of joy this week!


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We Are All Masters

My Friend! Each of us are Masters of creation for we create through the power of our own thought!

Your thoughts matter! Each thought you have creates energy and this creates matter and this is according and in agreement to all the disciplines of science within the past 5 years 🙂

The most amazing aspect of our ability to create is our ability to create better when we feel better! “The better I feel the better I create!”

The reason better feelings create better is because God communicates to us through our feelings. Bad feelings signal to us that we are not thinking upon this subject as God is, and good feelings are God’s way of telling us we are thinking upon this subject the Godly way!

This is why the most important thing to care about is how you feel! Today, let us all focus on the things that feel better! As we do, we shall have better days and more of the things that we want to be, do and have for we are all Masters!


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