Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “Be Pleased!”

To have the Life You want all You need to do is be pleased. As We look at everything and find what is pleasing We shall find more things that please Us!

To help Us all become more pleased, read the following with feeling and knowing that as You are pleased more of what You want shall flow to You easily and quickly:

I am inspired, called and guided to be pleased today!
Things are happening beyond My imagination to please Me today!
My Source, My God wishes nothing more than to please Me!

I receive My God, My Source today fully and enthusiastically!
Things are soothing to Me and delightful as I look for pleasing things!
My vibration and thus good feelings are rising today to joy for Me!

I open the passage way to My God, My Source for more to please Me!
Things are being received fully by Me and this pleases Me!
My opinion now blends with the opinion of God and I feel good!

I am wonderful, worthy and good!
Things are coming to Me at the right time and place!
My how things are playing out for Me so easily and happily!

As You become pleased You will find Yourself on Your Lighted path 🙂 Today amazing doors shall open for You, leading You to all of Your happiness and abundance as You are pleased today!

Love, Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “I Am a Master!”

We are all Masters for whatever we ask for, think about and then feel comes to US perfectly from our Source. We are each Masters of our own feelings, our own thoughts and our own focus 🙂

Read these thoughts gently as you drift easily into the Master which YOU were born to be and which YOU are!

My journey is so much fun!
My perfection is evidenced by my creations!
My creations are amazing, brilliant and oh so pleasing!

I love having the Universe giving me more wanted opportunities!
I love having the Universe responding to my every thought and feeling!
I love having the Universe ALWAYS guiding me and loving me so!

I feel such satisfaction in ME!
I feel such satisfaction in YOU!
I feel such satisfaction for all the wanted that is coming to ME!

I love the gifts of contact this world offers!
I love the gifts of choosing that which I prefer!
I love the gifts of freedom to have what I want!

I get what I ask for!
I get what I feel with my emotions!
I get to expand thoughts and feelings beyond where they have been!

I am a Master at my own THOUGHTS!
I am a Master at my own FEELINGS!
I am a Master at my own FOCUS!

It is so comforting that we are ALL MASTERS of our fate as WE ALL have the power and ability to create that which we want starting NOW!

Love, Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “Unconditional Living!”

We each have the power to feel good and be comfortable where we are right now.  We can also allow the abundance that awaits us to be here with us right now!  Most have been led to believe that we need to control our conditions and the people around us.  This is a belief that no longer serves us for no one will ever be able to control all conditions or people!

Instead, we can live a Life of unconditional living by knowing that everything that we want to be, do and have is here for us as we feel good.  We each have the power to feel good and be on our Lighted path to all of our desires!  We can live right now in the Stream of Abundance where we can feel good despite any and all circumstances and people’s expectations about us.

There is no need to require the trust in others and their conditions of what they want when you trust in yourself and the Kingdom within YOU!  You are not the center of other people’s Universe and if you are you would never be able to meet their demands on how they think you should be!

We can all easily, right now in this moment, let go of all conditions and misled beliefs about others’ expectations on how we should be.  We can feel good about who we are, how we are and why we are!  As we feel good we align with our Source and then we will attract all the good things we are thinking and feeling about!  The sweetness of Unconditional Living awaits you ☺.

Love, Dr. Hank