From Despair Can Come the Greatest Gift!

My Friend!

This world has everything that we want or don’t want in it!  There is the rich, the poor, the healthy, the unhealthy, doom & gloom and happiness & joy!  It is up to us to decide what we want, regardless of what is happening, and then focus only on what we want!

It is also known, that our minds sometimes, if not most the time, can’t figure why a situation happens to us that will lead to our greatest desires!  God knows where we are, where we want to go and the easiest path of least resistance to get there! If you decide to do it your way, and not God’s way, the path can be hazardous but it is guaranteed that you will go from despair to the greatest gifts you have been asking for!

So what is this “God’s way”?  It is simple and easy!  Whenever you have thoughts that make you feel good and whenever you are doing things that feel good, this is God’s path and will lead you to all that you desire!

It is your choice if you want your path to be easy and fun or difficult and sad! Just keep on doing it your way, working hard, being tough and thoughtless and your path shall take you to despair.  The good news is that even this despair will birth from God the very things that you want!

You are a magnificent creator and you can have this year the way you want!  Feel good and allow God’s path to open brilliantly and powerfully to your golden path and your magic carpet ride!


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The Lighted Path To Alignment

My Friend! There is nothing finer than for each of us to be aligned with God. When we are we will be living our Soul’s Life and this shall open us up to more joy, freedom and growth than we have ever imagined!

Here are the three easy steps to help you be on your Lighted path of Alignment that shall bring you more abundance and more of the things you want:

1. First think about subjects that you like and enjoy. It might be petting your dog, taking walks in the park, watching some fun movie or enjoying reading or writing or painting! Then say to yourself:

“I harbor and encourage thoughts that feel good!”

2. Quiet your thoughts through meditation. I recommend you meditate every day for at least 15 minutes. If you want one of my “Guided Meditations” simply respond to this email for a free meditation of mine called “Connecting With My Inner Being” 🙂

3. First thing each morning read my “Joy Shop” (if you don’t have one simply ask me…ask and you shall receive) which are good feeling thoughts that will raise your emotions to that of God’s. Then write down what you want, what you appreciate and then pre-pave your day the way you want it. During this time write down:

“I want to connect with my Soul and live my Soul’s Life today!”

As you begin these three steps today, you will expand your imagination, allow more wanted things in your Life and start living in Heaven right here in this beautiful place we call planet earth!

Speaking of beautiful, you are beautiful and oh so special and I adore you and wish you the happiness and abundance that you deserve 🙂


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3 Things To Teach Your Kids

My Friend – I just became a grandfather this year and have now experienced a new type of love that is beyond any love I have had before. This miracle caused me to ponder on what I want to teach my grandson so he can have the time of his life and all of his dreams to come true!

This then caused me to consider three other miracles that happened in my life and those are my 3 amazing and wonderful sons! I brought them up to have “Unconditional Love”, something I showed them through my example, and also to KNOW that they could be and do anything that they wanted.

These are certainly two teachings as a parent that contributed to the brilliant creators and kind sons that I have been blessed with. However, I now will bring my grandson up knowing these three truths:

The first is for my grandson, Noah, to know that this is a mental world. The physical world we see comes from the mental world in which we think! All he need do is think ceaselessly about what he wants and it will only be possible for him to receive it!

The second teaching is to care most about how he FEELS! This is so, for as we feel good we are living the life of our Soul and aligned with God. It is our feelings that provide the guidance system from our Source and lead us to our Lighted and Golden path 🙂

The final truth and teaching for Noah is for him to know that he can be, do and have everything and anything he wants! As Christ said, you can do these things and even more, including moving mountains!

As I consider these 3 things to teach your kids, I realized that these are the things that each of us can live by to have the full and wonderful Life that was meant for us all!


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The Miraculous Recovery!

My Friend! It has now been two months since my miraculous car experience 🙂 I had stitches on the top of my head and forehead, lost my 4 front teeth, crushed my chest, had a broken left arm (and I’m left handed!), my legs paralyzed and knees 3 inches higher than where they had been before!!! Yikes!

There are so many people to give thanks to for their prayers, expertise, love and support! I give thanks to the medical emergency people, the doctors, nurses, dentists and all the other amazing people that helped me physically 🙂 I give thanks for all the prayers of good health and well being, the thoughtful cards and kind words! I so appreciate my family, friends and loved ones who helped me through these times!

I am happy to report that I, in many ways, am better than I was before the miraculous car experience! My fingers are more flexible than ever, my back and knees are better than before and I have deeper and more powerful feelings of the presence of God, those that have walked before me and all my Angels and Guides that are alive and well and guiding me and supporting me to my good health 🙂

This is testimony of who does the healing and it is God! We each have the power to have it the way we want it and as we only focus on what we want – in my case I wanted good health – then the energy of good health comes calling in powerful and miraculous ways!

If I can have a miraculous recovery, so we all have the power to create our lives the way we want them! We can have good health, we can have abundance, we can have great relationships and it is all up to us to focus our thoughts and feelings on these things we want and disregard the things we don’t want!

Thank you for your prayers, your love and for being the magnificent creator for which you are! Let’s create more miraculous things in our lives this week!!!

Love & Fun,

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We Are All Masters

My Friend! Each of us are Masters of creation for we create through the power of our own thought!

Your thoughts matter! Each thought you have creates energy and this creates matter and this is according and in agreement to all the disciplines of science within the past 5 years 🙂

The most amazing aspect of our ability to create is our ability to create better when we feel better! “The better I feel the better I create!”

The reason better feelings create better is because God communicates to us through our feelings. Bad feelings signal to us that we are not thinking upon this subject as God is, and good feelings are God’s way of telling us we are thinking upon this subject the Godly way!

This is why the most important thing to care about is how you feel! Today, let us all focus on the things that feel better! As we do, we shall have better days and more of the things that we want to be, do and have for we are all Masters!


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My Most Difficult Challenge

My Friend! As you may know I was involved in a serious car accident (what I call a miraculous car experience) that totaled my car and the left side of my body. I have been in 3 emergency rooms and nearly died twice in the past 6 weeks.

This past Saturday night I woke up in great pain and was unable to get out of bed and unable to walk. I slept on and off all night long and in the morning I was able to crawl out of bed…thank the Lord! For the next 4 nights the same experience happened to me during the night as I couldn’t move my legs.

I was afraid I may not walk ever again.

On Monday, I went to the hospital to get my cast taken off. When they opened up my cast they found my wrist to be infected, bleeding and massively swollen. The doctor asked me how I could of controlled the pain for the past month and I just smiled for with God we can overcome all things including pain!

The doctor then proceeded to pull out the pin (it looks like a 4 inch nail) that was in my wrist. As they pulled the pin out of my wrist, they discovered the pin had broken in my wrist and they were only able to get half of it out, the other half is stuck in my wrist bone. The doctor thinks I will need another operation to take it out in six weeks. My arm will be crooked for the rest of this glorious lifetime of mine.

On Tuesday, I went to the dentist, after my root canals the week before, to extract my 4 front teeth that were knocked out in the miraculous car experience! For two and a half hours I sat in the dentist chair as they took out my 4 front teeth and replaced them with 4 temporary teeth.

On Wednesday, I went to the physical therapist and was on the table for two and a half hours as he worked me over, moving my tissue and muscles attempting to get my body in some kind of normal and balanced state. I walked out of there feeling like exhausted and like I was hit by a truck…dang, I was hit by a truck…hehehe :)))

It has been one hell of a week and I am so grateful for this week and to be alive, knowing that only well being flows to me! I shall take this, my most difficult challenge and turn it into another miraculous experience where I have shown myself the amazing power of God and how all things that happen to us are for our good, though we may not see the good now…this is all indeed good and you are great!

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The Miraculous Experience


Most people would call this a car accident, but in every experience that we have, there are miracles, and it is for us to discover and see those miracles.

Hi, I’m Dr. Hank.

I wanted to share with you today about a miraculous experience I had with a car. I was involved in a significant car accident where I totaled my car. My entire body from the top of my head – stitches in the top of my head, stitches in my eye, black and blue everywhere, my entire chest was pushed in, I broke my arm. All kinds of things happened that most people would say, “Oh, poor you!” and, “It’s terrible you had the car accident!” I’m here to share with you that this is the greatest blessing that I could have ever had.

I’ve built deeper and more meaningful relationships with people.

I saw the power of God when I thought about what I wanted.

When this arm was operated on, a broken bone which is the most painful experience you can have in your body is a broken bone. Bones actually have blood running through them, nerves running through them, they’re not the bone that we observe with our eyes, and so it’s very painful and takes supposedly a long time to heal. Well, it’s been one week since I had my operation and two weeks since I was in this near fatal car accident, and I was told that it would take months for me to move my fingers, and look at me.

This is the power of God that I have actually no pain in my arm whatsoever and that I’m able to be able to realize and see the good, the blessings from this. The people and the outpouring of prayers for me, and it’s your prayers and the power of God, and through our thought that we can take any experience…some people think, I just recently wrote a book, The Happiest Man in the World, and some people think, “Oh yeah, it’s easy for this guy to be happy because everything goes well in his life.” Well everything does go well in my life, but for most of us we think that this car accident, for example, isn’t something well, but it’s fantastic. It’s miraculous.

So I would encourage all of us to take every experience that we have and to grow from it, learn from it, and realize that everything is here for our good, to grow our good.

My heart is now more open, and my deliberate intention is to help the world, to awaken the world and this beautiful essence of God that is this beautiful, flowing power energy. We have the power to control it with our thoughts. So let us all think good feeling thoughts. Let us take every situation and look for the good, find the good, and you shall be blessed beyond where your cup will overfloweth.

I love you all,

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