Restart Your Dreams Today!

My Friend! Our starting point is when we have birthed an idea and are all excited about it! At that point we have the energy of the Universe that will deliver us the goods! Our DREAMS!

Over time, you may start to question, or others may start to question our dreams. Others will even attempt to talk us out of our dreams! We then look at others and the success they are having and we think we are not successful!

We then have a tendency to use our analytical minds, what I call the “committee” that starts the worry, doubt and concern that questions our dreams and sends a contradictory energy to the Universe!

This then gets us engaged in the “HOW” and we start to compare our future needs with our present resources and it is at this point that it is easy to give up!

But as we RESTART and refresh our dreams the mighty wheels of the Universe shall weave a new day with all the resources we need to realize our dreams! So START dreaming, for everything will play out as the only thing that can stop your dreams coming true is YOU!

As you START again your dreams, You can count on God coming through for you today! We are each getting closer to our dreams as we continue to think and ask for our dreams to come true!

So let us RESTART OUR DREAMS TODAY and know that your dreams are backed up by all that is and they will come true as it all starts with YOU!


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These Are The Best Of Times!

My Friend!

These are the best of times for you are now understanding that you can make them so by simply thinking upon good feeling thoughts, for we all have the power to feel good right now!

There are moments of the things we do not want and when we feel this way we can bless the person or experience and then ask “what has this birthed about what I do want?” and you shall be answered 🙂

A woman contacted me yesterday and was in a state of despair. She was up against it and ready to give up. No money, no business, bad health and bad relationships, all of which we have all experienced before. But these thoughts and feelings were just in her head as no one had a knife to her throat or a gun to her head. It was her powerful thoughts of what she did not want that was threatening her Life!

It is at these times that I want you to remember this moment right now and know that:

This is the time you are now loved!
This is the time you are now cherished!
This is the time you are now supported!
This is the time you are now deeply cared for!

When the woman heard these words, she broke down in tears of joy and realized that she now stood at the doorway of her new Life and the way she wants it! Within minutes we both started to come up with ideas that would take her from desolation to empowerment, knowing that God and ALL THAT IS receives and answers all our prayers, all of our thoughts!

So today, give it all you got! This is your time to stand tall and call forth the people, circumstances and experiences that you do want! Today is the day that you triumph and choose the mountain of your dreams for these are the best of times!


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