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You Are Your Business

My Friend! No matter what you do for an income, it is always you that is your business!

It does not matter if you own your own business or work for someone else’s, no matter what your position you can make a positive impact and be happier by doing the following:

1. Find out the need that is not being met well by you!
2. Satisfy this need as only you can do!
3. Believe in yourself and what you are doing!
4. Focus mentally on how you want it to play out!

What this implies is DON’T WORK HARD! Any business is all about you and your business on focusing your thoughts on solutions and asking for the answers!

The offices, business types and positions are simply the tools of trade. This is your playground and it is the way you use your mind on positive outcomes and people that shall bring you your success!

I have a friend whose 18 year old son told him, ‘Dad, I would never want a job, I want passive income’! The father agreed and they built an empire together and helped thousands of people because the son’s desire was PASSIVE INCOME!

What do you want that is not being satisfied by you yet? Once you identify this you have the power to ask for it and answers shall come of out the woodwork and drop right into your lap for YOU are your business!


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Time Management Is Life Management!

My Friend! Time management is critical for us all to be successful and Time Management is LIFE Management!

Your financial prosperity is directly tied to your time management. Even the quality of your life is directly related to time management. Effective time management also increases your self-esteem!

We all have plenty of time. We all have the same amount of time. You can’t borrow time, save time or buy time! And effective time management starts with knowing what you want to accomplish.

Research done by Harvard Business School found that the only difference between the very wealthy and everyone else is that these top 3% of people knew what they wanted and then asked for the path to get it! In fact, for every minute you invest in planning, you save 5 minutes in execution! In line with this is the definition of failure which is “action without a plan”!

Invest just 5 minutes right now to think about what you want this next month and then write it down. It might be the best of holidays or more money or more laughter or more of whatever makes your heart sing. As you do this you will find yourself happier, more in control and then discover that next month shall be the best ever!

You can also get my “Monthly Planning System” that will lead you to being a Master of Time Management by simply asking me and it is my holiday gift to YOU!


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Time Management For Success

Your financial success is directly tied to your ability to manage time. Time management is life management! The quality of your life is also tied to your time management.

Effective time management will increase your self esteem, improving how you think about yourself. 🙂 The amazing fact is we all have plenty of time when we manage it properly!

You can’t borrow time or buy time for it is our most precious commodity. The definition of failure is action without a plan! In fact, the top 3% of income producers who earn 10 times more than most, are masters at time management and you can be too by doing the following:

  1. Start saying to yourself “I am a Master at Time Management”!
  2. Stop saying “I don’t have enough time” for then you won’t!
  3. Use only one time management system.
  4. Plan your next day the night before!
  5. Invest two hours each month planning your month!

I am a Mental Scientist and I know writing things down will help internalize your commitments so things don’t ‘fall through the cracks’. This is why I also recommend that you use a hard copy time management system, versus electronic, called the “My-Tyme”. It will save you 3 weeks a year and will keep you focused on your “High Pay Off Activities”.

Time is on your side as you take these steps to become a Master at time management!


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The Mental Laws of Achievement

Success In Business

There are two mental laws of achievement that when applied will provide you higher success and greater satisfaction. All of us have a success mechanism that is triggered by our intent!

The first mental law is to be clear on what your desires and goals are and to ensure they are believable. I had a person go through my “The 13 Easy Steps To More Money” and they initially had a goal that was to earn over $10,000 a month.

The problem was, they were earning about $3,000 a month and didn’t really believe they would be a six figure money maker! They then set their goal to $5,000 and achieved that, and then they had the belief they could create more money and they did, last month over $22,000!

bigstock-Hand-Writing-Positive-Attracts-137444636.jpgThe second mental law is to create a positive mental attitude. Every particle in this world has within it a positive and negative capacity. If you start seeking the good in everything, you shall find the good in everything! I use the ABE principle that states that if you Allow it, Believe it, and Expect it, it shall come to you!

A great way to start on your path right now is to write down the top 3 desires you have on what you want to be, do, or have. Then write down 12 reasons WHY you want it. Within minutes after doing this exercise you will start to receive thoughts and attract people and circumstances that will lead you to your dreams!

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The Secret of the Ages

Woman Climber Success Silhouette In Mountains, Achievement Inspi

We all have available to us a power and intelligence to achieve our desires and rise up to the mountain top of our lives!

You can tap into this infinite intelligence when you make clear, unequivocal decisions to move forward in the direction that feels best to you.  This is the source of intuition, your hunches, flashes in insight and those tender and inspiring times when you are motivated and inspired!

We have all experienced the times when we get the perfect answer or the creative solution and this is when we are tapped in, tuned in and turned on to to this magnificence which is the secret of the ages!

We all stand immersed in this intelligence that touches something deep within all of us.  We only need to ask and then allow this loving energy to flow to us powerfully and fully!  It is at these times that our minds sparkle with a steady stream of brilliant ideas and thoughts that make our heart sing!

50275667_sToday, right now, ask to embrace this loving intelligence as the Universe obeys the conscious mind, your conscious mind and what you ask for.  Get excited and enthusiastic about your goals!  Have your dreams clear, concise, and specific.  Be completely committed to your goals, dreams and desires.  EXPECT what you want to come to you as this intensifies the rate at which divine thoughts shall come to you.

Get relaxed and expect the secret of the ages to flow all the solutions and answers to everything you want and then watch as this divine energy flows powerful into your life!


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