Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “Do You Believe!”

It is indeed done unto Us as We believe, though most of Our beliefs have been taught and given to Us!

Let Us today let go of beliefs that no longer serve Us and then enjoy this freedom as You read these thoughts!

I believe in My desires!
I believe in My power!
I believe in Me!

I believe in My expansion!
I believe in My becoming!
I believe in Me!

I believe in My creativity!
I believe in My imagination!
I believe in Me!

I believe I can let more in!
I believe I can allow more in!
I believe in Me!

As You believe in the things that You desire and only focus on those things, then it is only possible to have Your desires flow to You in the steady flow of Life that You are now aligned with as You believe in You!


Dr. Hank