Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “The Perfect Words!”

It is our mindset, how we begin our day, and think throughout our day that determines our happiness. All we need to do is appreciate where we are, what we have and that more is coming!

Below are the perfect words that I would encourage you to read each day that will make all that you want come your way 🙂

I so appreciate everything that I am now!
I so appreciate everything that I have now!
I so appreciate everything that I have become now!

I am so satisfied where I am at!
I enjoy where I am!
I am content and happy right here and right now!

Everything I want is coming at the perfect time!
Everything I want is coming to me in the perfect portions!
Everything is unfolding as I want as I am feeling good now!

I am so eager for more of the things I like coming my way!
I am so expectant for more wanted coming my way!
I now allow myself to feel good and know I am getting better!

Enjoy your day, be kind to yourself and think about all that you have and all the wanted that is coming to you as you relax, be easy and lighten up 🙂

Love, Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “How I Am Guided!”

People often ask Me “How Am I Guided By God?” Some have even had the false belief that We have no guidance and that things happen to Us randomly beyond Our control. Fortunately, this is not the case as You always have control and You are always guided 🙂

Your control is through Your good feeling thoughts! This then creates good feeling emotions and whenever You are in this state of feeling good, being in a good mood and being happy, then You are lined up with Your Source.

Your guidance is, has always been, and will always be with Your EMOTIONS. It is the way in which we communicate and are guided by Our Source. When You feel bad it is God telling You that You are not thinking and feeling about this subject as Source is! Better yet, when You FEEL GOOD it is God telling You that You are on Your Lighted Path! Whoo Hoo! Confirm the below affirmations to Yourself and watch Your happiness blossom like a spring flower:

All emotion I feel is the communication from My Source! 
I shall now pay attention to My feelings! 
My good feelings guide Me to Paradise!

I love that I am always guided, supported and loved by God! 
It makes Me feel good to think about things I want and like! 
I now turn My attention to what feels good, where God is!

As I feel good, I am connected with My Source! 
I have the power to feel good right now! 
My attention is on what is playing out for Me!

It is a joy to know that We are always being guided and that YOU now know “How I Am Guided.” So just feel good and You are in sync with the miracles and happiness that You seek.

Love, Dr. Hank