Feel the Best!

My Friend!  To have all that you want, we only need to feel good!  This is contrary to what most of us have been taught as we have been told we need to work hard and do a lot!  99% of all the things that come to us are from our thoughts that create feelings!

It is comforting to know that we can have it all as we feel good for this aligns us with our Source who then leads us to all of our desires easily and quickly.  Read the following with feeling and excitement knowing that this will create the good feelings and thoughts to your joy in this New Year:

I focus on the places that feel the best!
I give my undivided attention to things that feel good!
I take the things that feel good and ask for more of them!

My thoughts turn into a vibration that sends the signal to my Source!
My vibrations of my desires turn into the manifestation of them!
My life is filled with joy as I intend to feel even better today!

I set myself up for satisfaction!
I focus on what is easy to feel good about!
I am transformed into a good feeling person!

This is a new day for me as I think of things that please me!
This is the day where I ask for things that I know I can easily have!
This is the moment that I now embrace as I feel good!

I have no limits!
I am free!
I am blessed!
I am whole!
I am it!

As we FEEL THE BEST today the energy of God flows to us and through us and creates the health, relationships and wealth that we want in this abundant New Year that awaits us all!


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Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Silent Night, Holy Night”

My Friend!

The Holidays can be the best or worst of times depending on our thoughts!

I remember running away from home on Christmas Eve and shoveling snow for a meal as a boy and that thought sure doesn’t make me feel good!

We can all reach for and find better feeling thoughts and so I now think about the most wonderful times with my three sons as children…waking up Christmas morning and the joy we all felt on those special days 😇

We have all wanted to have a silent night and holy night but too often we have awakened in the middle of the night with our little committee in our mind keeping us up with worry or fear!

Here is a way for you to have a silent night and holy night 🎉

As you get into bed feel how good the cool sheets feel on your body and say to yourself:

Tonight I shall sleep like a baby!
I shall sleep throughout the night deeply!
My dreams are sweet dreams 😇

When I awaken I shall seek thoughts that make me feel good!

I shall awaken feeling happy that whisk me away to another glorious day!

It is sooo enjoyable to call it like I want it and so I now have a silent night and a holy night that connects me to God and all the good I desire!

Every day can now be Christmas and every night Christmas Eve as we are deliberate in asking for what we want and then allow the Father to do the work!

Merry Christmas and All My Love,

Dr. Hank

Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Happy For No Reason!” Thanksgiving!!!

My Friend!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are going to create thoughts to make Your Holiday Season and 2018 be the happiest as You become “Happy For No Reason!”

There is a place within You that is a more natural place of peace and happiness where You can experience a richer experience of true happiness! Breathe deeply in and out now and release and relax Yourself as Your mind and body align to Your purpose of being HAPPY! 🙂

Focus Your attention within and expand Your inner awareness as You direct Your thoughts to a pleasant and deeper place of comfort as You feel complete!  Begin to float Your thoughts and Inner Mind and allow yourself to be guided by Your Higher Self as Your inner senses expand into the possibilities of an inner home of Happiness!

Within You is a solid foundation, with a clear mind and everlasting happiness that is, as You fill Your heart and mind with appreciation and Thanksgiving!  Feel love to Yourself and You are now getting into the habit of feeling better everyday as You live a full and joyous Life starting right now !:)

Remember how good it feels to appreciate the little things and the blessing that You have with every breath and heartbeat.  See Your future possibilities and open Yourself to Your dreams!  Go beyond Life’s circumstances and to a destination within and beyond space and time to discover the treasure within YOU!

Realize now Your true magnificence as it is Your choice to choose happiness! As You become happy for no reason, it builds the foundation of Your Heart, Mind, and Body as You experience peace and well being.  You are now personally responsible and know that it is Your thoughts that allows You to realize the amazing creator of Your Life that You are! 🙂

You are a champion, a champion of Life!  You build Your INNER HOME of Happiness as the pillars of Your mind, heart and body are being promoted with Your positive thoughts and greater expression of joy and peace!  In fact, happiness and appreciation now show up in Your Life in every moment forever more!  Every smile on Your beautiful face and every good feeling of Your Heart shines brightly now! 🙂

You now are a happier person for You have this ability to be “Happy For No Reason” and You are there now and can go there to raise Yourself and walk hand in hand with God 🙂  True Inner Happiness is now Yours as this Thanksgiving, this Holiday Season and 2018 now soar to new heights of happiness, health and wealth! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Hank

Something Is Calling Me!

My Friend!  We have all experienced a feeling that “Something Is Calling Me!”  There is a power greater than our physical bodies that is calling each of US with love, tenderness and the deepest caring for YOU 🙂

Our Source, Our God, knows where You are at, where You want to go and the path to get there easily and happily!  We are all being called to go in the direction of what We have asked for.  We have all experienced too much of the unwanted (most call bad) and this has birthed the very desires that God awaits to carry US too!

To provide YOU more clarity on where YOU do want to go and to allow God to take you there, read the following slowly and breathe deeply as YOU say to Yourself:

I want to know where I want to go!
I now listen to the new thoughts that come to ME!
I know the Universe hears My feelings now!

It is as I feel!
It is up to Me to feel good!
It is now easy for Me to feel good!

I am becoming that which I want!
I am becoming clearer of that which I want!
I am becoming a magnet to the things that I desire!

I want it and therefore it is!
I want it because it feels good!
I want it and can now allow it to come to Me!

It is so comforting to know that WE are all being guided, supported and loved by Our higher power that rests within US.  The kingdom rests within US and we now allow the Father to do the work!


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This Is Our Harvest Time

My Friend!  This is the perfect time for you to enjoy life and reap the harvest of all that you have asked for!  Think of all the things that you have wanted and now imagine that they are flowing to you like a mighty mountain stream 🙂

We have all sowed for long enough and it is our inheritance that we now call forth easily and powerfully!  These words will help your abundance come to you starting on your next breath as you say with feeling…

I am going to let the good times roll for me now!
I am more spontaneous and light and free now!
I am now going to spend what I have sown!

It is time for me to claim what I have asked for!
It is my HARVEST TIME that I allow to come to me now!
It is the perfection and value of me that is here now!

I let go of my cares!
I let go others’ judgments!
I let go of judging me and allow my good to come to me!

This is your moment my friend!  This is the time that you have been waiting for!  All the reasons for you to be happy and have what you want are with you now as this is YOUR HARVEST TIME!


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Everything is Alright!

My Friend! Everything is alright and God is always with YOU, guiding You through Your emotions. Allow these words to resonate through Your being as You breathe deeply, relax, and smile upon this comfort…

I am always being comforted!
I am always being loved!
I am always being guided!

I am doing the best that I can!
I am making progress with each moment!
I am feeling better more of the time!

I am going to be easier with Myself 🙂
I am going to be gentler with Myself 🙂
I am always loved and going there now!

I am always guided!
I embrace My worthiness!
I am worthy and am enjoying this ride!

I go to the wavelength of My Source!
I am in a pure positive place!
It is easier and I feel My happiness now!

Everything is alright and getting better for YOU. May this week bring You more happiness and more of the things You desire!


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Looking for Love!

My Friend! Have You been looking for Love but in all the wrong places? We all want to be loved, and it all starts with loving Ourselves first.

Last night I watched the funny and what many consider spiritual movie of “Ground Hog Day”. Bill Murray wakes up every morning at 6:00 in the same bed, same city and the same day! Do You sometimes feel like it is the same day too with the same routine, same people and same outcomes?

Bill Murray wanted love and He was looking for love in the wrong places by attempting to please others. The moment He turned his attention on Loving Himself, He was able to Love others and then His Life moved to the next new, brighter and loving day!

If You want to have a new day where You are renewed, refreshed and excited about the fabulous moments ahead of You, simply read this with feeling!

I now seek and find Love in Myself!
I look within for the eternal Love that awaits Me!
I now recognize My Inner Soul, My Inner Being!

Love and Infinite Intelligence are always with Me!
All those before Me are here with Me to Love, guide and support Me!
ALL THAT IS Loves Me and wants to show Me the way 🙂

All that I have done is important!
Where I am is important!
Where I am going is most important!

I choose the residence of being with My Love, My God!
I focus on being fully in this Loving moment!
I see only Love in everything and then more Love comes to Me!

Let Us all see the Love in this world, in all others and most importantly within Ourselves…for this is looking for Love in ALL the right places!


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