Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “I Appreciate!”

My Friend,

It feels good for us to appreciate and there is so much for you to appreciate! Did you know that when you invest the time to think about what you appreciate, you will get more of it in your Life? Appreciation tells the Universe that you want more of it!

Each morning I take time to appreciate all the good things that have happened to me in the past 24 hours. It is amazing how many good things have happened to us as we think about this rather than the few bad things that may have happened. Since we get what we think about, let us appreciate and get more of the things we want in our lives. Why not spend some time each morning this week investing in thoughts of appreciation? Read the words below to get you off to a fast start!

I appreciate the things that made me smile.
I appreciate the smiles I received back. ☺
I appreciate and bless myself and all others.

I appreciate this planet and how it has everything I want!
I appreciate myself and all that I have!
I appreciate others and all that they are!

I appreciate my body!
I appreciate Me!
I appreciate My family!

There is an endless stream of things for us to appreciate. The beauty is as we focus on what we do appreciate, the Universe sends us more of it! So let’s stop the negative chatter and fly to the heavens with our Appreciation of all that we are, all that we have, all that we do and all that is coming to us as we APPRECIATE!


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Dr. Hank Seitz
The Change Maker In Real Estate
(214) 753-7204   DrHank@DrHank.biz

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Encouragement From Dr. Hank – “I Expect Positive Change!”

My Friend!

Whatever We expect We get!  Today and forever more let Us expect positive change in Our lives!  This will get the energy going for You to make this happen NOW!

I allow the feeling of harmony to flow through My mind, spirit and body today!
I am now in a steady and pleasing rhythm that flows to and through Me easily!
I open and expand My Inner Awareness and expect positive change in My Life from now on!

My mind is gently relaxed and I connect with the deeper passions within Me!
I move inward with purpose and care as My thoughts are energizing Me to more good!
I now remember and connect with the deeper Joy that lies within Me!

I fill My thoughts with kindness and appreciation for who I am!
I’m floating easily and imagine the Golden Light that nourishes Me!
I am deeply supported and loved in this higher awareness!

My feelings are delicious, secure and sure!
I create fun and sizzle and passion in My Life now!
I am at peace, caring about how I feel as I stand now on sacred ground!

It is fun to create these amazing and delightful feelings and as You do everything that You desire shall come flowing to You for “The Father Does The Work” as You feel good and harmonize with God 🙂


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Dr. Hank Seitz
The Change Maker In Real Estate
(214) 753-7204   DrHank@DrHank.biz
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