Call Forth Peace In 2021

You have the loving power to call forth PEACE for You and Your Family this New Year!  Here’s a fast track to peace:

Breathe in deeply and imagine you are breathing in light, calling light to yourself.  With the peace that you have, imagine that in front of you is an angel of peace, a being of peace, one who is here to love, guide, and support you. 

Feel yourself growing even more peaceful, as if the burdens and cares are being lifted from your shoulders.  Your solar angel is with you, the angel of your soul.  And you feel yourself, with this peace, attuned to the angelic kingdom — the beautiful music, the rare and refined atmosphere, such love, harmony, joy, ease, play.   Waves of this energy are all about you that you can attune to when you are in a state of peace.  You are magnetic to all the light and the angelic beings. 

And this angel of peace in front of you looks you in the eyes and asks if you are ready to sustain a new level of peace and harmony in your life, to play with the angels and the beings of light more often.  If you are ready, this being holds in his or her hand a flame of peace, a peace that comforts, that lifts, that soothes You! 

Take this flame of peace in your hand and bring it into your heart, or let it grow large and surround your body, an emanation from the highest of levels, this flame of peace, from the All-That-Is, from the Oneness.  This is the flame that joins and unites You with peace.  Allow this to feel like all the parts of yourself, Your mind, body, spirit/emotions are coming together into one, unified wholeness of love and peace…who You really are! 

You can put this flame of peace into any area of your life or any relationship, imagining as you do that you are bringing all into harmony with this higher vibration of peace.  Say to yourself, “There is only peace and harmony.” and there will be for You now and for all of 2021!

I send You PEACE, Dr. Hank 

Getting To Know Your Archangels – Today Archangel Michael!

God’s love for you is so tender and always present with you! Archangels are used to help you find your inner joy and improve your life, causing everything to improve for you!

We each have the power and ability to call upon our Angels to help us, guide us, support us and love us to everything we desire! Angels are God’s helpers and each of the 7 Archangels serve a specific purpose, therefore it is most effective to call upon the Archangel who can best support you in their specialty.

In this series we will discover your 7 Archangels and how they can specifically help you. The first Archangel “Who is like God!” is Archangel Michael who comes forth from the heart of God to minister to our Souls, is known as the great intercessor and is the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts.

Archangel Michael’s main purpose and mission is to help mankind overcome fear. Fear is fortunately not in our DNA but is in our beliefs. Fear is the major cause of EVERYTHING that you don’t want! Archangel Michale can also release you from self-doubt that will then increase your own self-esteem and confidence.

F.E.A.R. is an acronym meaning False Evidence Appearing Real. From fear comes anger, hurt, low self-esteem and the root of all thoughts of lack and limitation. Another easy way to detect fear is to simply observe your feelings and if you are feeling bad, the root cause is fear. This is why Archangel Michael is so intent in eliminating fear from humanity for it keeps us down and prevents us from enjoying our Soul’s desires of more FREEDOM and more JOY!

I had an operation recently and had a fear of being physically restricted and was claustrophobic. I called upon Archangel Michael to RELEASE this fear and it not only released these fears during and after the operation, but everywhere in my life! It was truly a miracle as I have had this fear for most of my life and almost instantly it has left me! Praise the Lord!!!

Archangel Michael’s color is blue and a great way to connect with his energy is to be around water or be observing anything that is blue. If you are or want to be a leader of the world, he is the one to call upon to strengthen your leadership. Archangel Michael’s trusted and loved companion is Faith.

As you call upon Michael, ask for the energy of Faith to come in and strengthen your new freedom from fear, to strengthen your self-confidence and to be filled with love! This is a key point for once you ask for this fear release about anything in your life, then ask for this open space to be filled with love and it will be!

Here is a wonderful prayer to call upon Archangel Michael:

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I call upon the seven Archangels and their legions of light and energy, calling now on my beloved Archangel Michael and ask to be RELEASED of all my fear and filled with only love for this is where I came from and this is who I really am!

I ask that my call be multiplied and used for the assistance of all souls on this planet who wish to release their fear and set them free. I give thanks for my prayer being answered now by Archangel Michael and Faith, according to the will of God and this is now so, and so it is. Amen.”

Think about what you are fearing…it could be a person, situation, future event, relationship, scarcity of money, lack and limitation of anything in your life. Now say the above prayer and be specific of whatever fear you wish to RELEASE and Archangel Michael will release your fear and fill you with love and you shall discover a better life and your inner joy!

If you would like to connect with Angels and experience more success and happiness in your life set up a GOOD FIT CALL with me at (link).

I Love You, Dr. Hank

The Prayers of I AM & VIOLET LIGHT


Shining and changing all into the golden treasures of Love, who I AM 💝

I AM projecting my Love out into the world

I AM the power of infinite Love ❤️Amplifying itself to all wanted!

MY FLAME IS BLAZING 🔥My God Love is raising!

I go now in my wanted place of joy!

I AM Present ever more and mindful of thy Grace of good feeling thoughts!

The flame of God shall ever cheer me, and show thy smiling face!

Archangel Michael you have graced me with the release of fear, and I stand wrapped in love for who I really am , for I AM THAT I AM 😇

The Prayer of VIOLET FLAME 💜🔥

I Am a Being of Violet Fire, I AM the Purity of who I am.

The Earth is a Planet of Violet Fire, the Earth is the Purity I desires.

I AM Love acting here, casting Love and setting all of Us forever free 💝

With wings of cosmic Love. I AM calling in full love and grace to all life in every place!

I flood forth Loving Grace. (3x)

Hear, O Universe, I AM Love ❤️ I am so magnificent and ask for My Love to be magnified to Us all 💗

I AM the Peace and Presence! I AM the presence of Divine Peace that flows out into the universe!

I AM pure love that now moves forward up the escalator to all My desires 🥰

And so it is 💝 Amen

All Emotions Can Be Good!

Do you ever wish you could feel more empathy towards yourself or others? Or that you could feel less attraction toward a toxic person in your life? Or that you should be more excited for an upcoming event?

Our emotions are our guidance system!  When we feel good, we are thinking upon this subject as Your Higher Self does!  When you are feeling bad, you are not thinking as Your Higher Self!

Whether the emotion is pleasant or unpleasant, your ability to feel the emotions you think you should feel could be impacting your happiness and well-being, suggests research from the American Psychological Association.

Researchers surveyed 2,324 students from eight countries on 1) the emotions they desired to feel, 2) the emotions they actually felt, and 3) their levels of life satisfaction and depressive symptoms.

Across cultures, participants who experienced the emotions they desired—both pleasant and unpleasant—were happier overall, reporting greater well-being and fewer depressive symptoms.

“Happiness is more than simply feeling pleasure and avoiding pain. Happiness is about having experiences that are meaningful and valuable, including emotions that you think are the right ones to have,” explained lead researcher Maya Tamir, Ph.D., psychology professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Any emotion can be positive in one context and negative in another, Tamir concluded. Even when people feel good, they often think they should feel even better. This longing can decrease their overall happiness.

Fully welcoming any feeling you experience—whether hostility or hatred, passion or empathy—can help you let go of the need to control or possess your feelings so they don’t derail your happiness, says Hale Dwoskin in our Letting Go Paraliminal. Here are some steps to allow your feelings and emotions to flow freely:

  1. Welcome your feeling—the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, memories, or anything else that may be holding you back. Welcome any sensations you are feeling in this moment.
  2. Welcome any “wanting” to do something about the feeling. Welcome wanting to fix it, wanting to change it, or wanting to control it.
  3. Welcome any sense this feeling is personal, about you or who you are. It’s about God guiding You! When you identify with your emotions, they appear real. That’s when they can hurt. When you welcome God into your life and allow to be guided, then the fun begins!

    Notice how with the first three steps of welcoming, you quiet your mind, and perhaps already feel happier and more relaxed. As you let go, you open your mind to a new state of expansiveness.
  4. Welcome this emptiness as unlimited possibility.

When your feelings simply flow through you, there is no opportunity to become stuck. As you go through this process several times, you can experience a substantial difference in any situation and allow your experience to simply be!

Why The World is Getting Better This Thanksgiving

Top 10 reasons the world is getting better!

Positive Reason 1: Great enrichment! Since 1820, the size of the world’s economy has grown more than a hundredfold!  The world population has only grown eightfold!

This provides more money/businesses, food, housing, health care, and a better life for all! Since 1900 the world’s gross product has grown from a trillion dollars to over 1,200 trillion!

Positive Reason 2:  The end of poverty!  The vast majority of our ancestors died in disease-ridden poverty and pervasive ignorance!  Just 200 years ago 84% of the world was in extreme poverty, with less than $1.90 a day to survive on!

Extreme poverty is below 8% and continues to fall dramatically!  In 1990 1.9 billion people were in extreme poverty.  In 2018 that number fell to 650 million people and continues to fall.  Poverty has ended for most and will continue to decline!

Positive Reason 3:  we don’t run out of resources!  Mother Earth’s resources are neither known nor fixed!  We have never run out of what has been called nonrenewable resources!

This is because as prices rise humanity creates incentives for imagination, innovation, new deposits, greater efficiency of use, and the development of substitutes.

The World Bank states that commodities have fallen in costs, wages have increased by 80% in the past 30 years!  Not only is there an unlimited amount of resources but now 65% cheaper!

Additionally, resources haven’t even been discovered yet but were always on Mother Earth!  For example, electricity was discovered less than 200 years ago and we are not just learning how to tap into the sun’s energy!
There is plenty of everything 🎉

Positive Reason #4:  The world’s population is peaking!  For thousands of years, couples wanted to have lots of children in the hope that a few would survive.  Now couples aim for having a few children and providing them the skills and social capital to flourish in a modern economy!

The world’s population will likely peak at 9.8 billion by 2080 and then level off to 9.5 billion by 2100 according to the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

The “more good news” reasons are that global trends such as falling child mortality rates, increased urbanization, rising incomes, and the spread of political and economic freedom all lead to having fewer children, and this a leveling of population growth!

Positive Reason #5:  The end of famine as nutrition and food production are rapidly increasing!

As recent as 1962, the worst famine ever occurred when Chinese Communism used brute force to nationalize farmland, causing 45 million deaths from 1958 to 1962!

The average world calorie intake has risen from 2,196 calories in 1962 to 2,962 calories in 2017 according to the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization.

This “more good news” stems from agricultural productivity and that the world is much richer and can afford to buy more food!  Poverty is shrinking along with starvation, while more food and more nutritious food is available worldwide!

Positive Reason #6:  There is more land for nature!  Trees have grown by almost a million square miles in the past 35 years!

This has reduced by one third the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels!  The University of Maryland used global satellites to track substantial gains in forests around the world!

This “more good news” of expanding woodlands indicates that humanity is no longer destroying nature but actually enhancing it for less pollution and healthier air for all!

In the United States, where in the past 100 years, has dedicated massive natural lands to national forests that will continue to enhance air quality but also the human experience to enjoy nature at its finest!

Positive Reason #7:  Growing urbanization is good for humanity and nature!  Historically, around 90% of humanity has lived in rural areas. Today, less than 2% live in rural areas and over 98% live in the cities, planet city we have become!

Prior to mechanization, farm work was exhausting and poorly paid and why people migrated to the cities as farming was mechanized within the past 100 years.

This “more good news” has created cities that are now centers of innovation, engines of growth, and home to the richest and largest segment of the population!

Positive Reason #8:  The rise of democracy!

Communist dictatorships and Autocracies have suppressed humanity for thousands of years. From 1800-2017 this form of government has gone from 70% of the countries to just 10%, while democracy has gone from 1% to over half the world’s countries according to “The Center for Systemic Peace”!

North Korea is considered the worst tyranny at -10 and Norway is considered the best at a +10 that represents a politically free society. 

Democracy represents more freedom for the world and has also demonstrated more growing wealth, education, and health!  We have moved from the Cold War to over half the world is now experiencing full-fledged democracy!

Positive Reason #9:  There is more peace in the world than ever before in history!

The global trends in warfare source come from the RAND Report and show that wars between countries and states have dramatically decreased and with fewer people killed!

This is attributed to more democracy, more wealth, and ever-growing economies.  This trend is referred to as democratic or capitalist PEACE and estimates see this continued decline for years to come!

Positive Reason #10:  We live in a safer world!

The chances of dying in a natural catastrophe that includes earthquakes, floods, drought, storms, wildfires, landslides, and epidemics have dramatically declined!

Since 1920, the chances of a person dying from these disasters have decreased by 99%!  People are much more likely to survive natural disasters because of increased wealth and technological progress!

Buildings are better constructed, sophisticated computer models provide early storm warnings and broad disease surveillance enables swift interventions to slow and halt epidemics!

Historically, epidemics would have no solution and millions of people would die.  In the past hundred years, cures would take years to be discovered. Now as recent as COVID-19, in less than a year we have a vaccine!

The Plaque of Justinian killed half the world’s population!  More recently, the 1918 influenza pandemic killed 500 million people or 1/3 of the world’s population!  For perspective, COVID-19 has killed 1.4 million people and the first vaccine will be available on 12/20/20…in a month from now!

The world is indeed safer and the United Nations reports that in 1930 180 people were firing for every 100,000 people and that number has now gone from 180 deaths down to 1 death per 100,000 people!

Series Conclusion! In this series, I shared with you the top 10 reasons the world is getting better, much better!

Our world is wealthier, poverty has dropped from 90%, resources are unlimited, the population is peaking, food supply is growing, there is more land for nature, cities are growing wealth and technology, democracy is expanding, more peace and fewer wars than ever before and we now lived in a safer world!

It is now up to each one of us to make a decision as to our attitude about the world and about our own personal world that we live in.  We each have the loving creative power to create our world as we want it through our all-powerful minds!

If you wish to be more of a deliberate co-creator of your life, set up an appointment with me, and let’s talk about the life you want!  The world is getting better and now the question is your world getting better!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Dr. Hank

Health, Wealth & Success Show! BONUS – 8 Steps to Feeling Good

Are you looking to have more health, wealth and success?  Then this show is for you where you will discover:

  • The 3 Easy Steps To Health, Wealth & Success
  • 8 Steps To Better Feeling Thoughts!
  • Magical thoughts that will make you feel better!

Watch it here: 

This was a live show and the audience asked questions and got answers on:

  • How do I not get this virus?
  • How do I ease my anxiety?
  • How do I get rid of my fear?

BONUS:  Get the handouts “Good Feeling Thoughts”, “8 Steps To Better Feeling Thoughts” and the “Health, Wealth, Success Sing Along!”

Dr. Hank’s Interview on GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Magical Moments with Dr. Hank, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Award-Winning Author

Dr. Hank Seitz is a recognized entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and award-winning author. He has helped thousands of people and hundreds of organizations, particularly in real estate, become their greatest possibility, grow their business and increase their wealth, Dr. Hank has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He has owned a mortgage company and for the last 10 years, has owned a real estate brokerage with over 420 agents.

In this episode, Brian and Dr. Hank discuss how to eliminate negative subconscious thoughts and how powerful the mind can be in our exploration of happiness and wealth.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How did Dr. Hank become the happiest man alive?
  • The power hour before bed and the subconscious mind
  • 21:21 – Dr. Hank tells all in how he became a mental scientist
  • 31:35 – How important is gratitude in our lives? See what Dr. Hank says
Episode 17- GRIT – The Real Estate Growth Mindset with Dr. Hank Seitz
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Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “I Sense My Angels Today!”

There is a new world of joy that we each have available to Us 💝

We need only ask to have our consciousness expand and to feel, think and sense as Our Divine Self does, as Our Angels do 👼

I ask for a new state of vibrational being and to be lifted into the vibrational Kingdom of My Angels!

The sky is now a blue that only Angel eyes can see!

The birds are singing songs that only Angel ears can hear!

The food tastes divine as only Angel tongues can taste!

The smell of freshness is in the air as only Angel noses can smell!

The touch of my skin as only Angel skin can sense!

But most of all, I now think as never before with thoughts that only Angel minds can think!

And I feel so free and alive as only Angel emotions can feel!

I feel the BIGNESS of each divine moment now 🤗

I now see You & Your Divine Self and I love You and bless You and thank You for being You My 🌟