Connecting With Your Angels 👼

Here is a wonderful and powerful way to start connecting more with Your Angels 👼

Use the name of God 😇

God is inside of you. And when you use the energy of God that is in you to direct the angels, they can answer you with all of the power of the universe.

When God spoke to Moses out of the burning bush, he revealed both his name—I AM THAT I AM—and the true nature of man. You are the bush and the fire is your divine spark, God’s fire that he gives to you as his son or daughter. It is the power to create in God’s name—and to command the angels.

Jesus used God’s name when he said “I AM the resurrection and the life.”

Every time you say “I AM…,” you are really saying “God in me is…” and thus drawing to yourself whatever follows.

When you say “I AM illumination,” you are saying that God in you is attracting to you more of the quality of illumination that you already possess.

I AM THAT I AM.  Repeat this 7 times each morning and experience the increased power of your prayers, Your thoughts, and the connection with Your Angels will increase to the point that they will answer Your prayers regularly 💝 

What Are Angels & Do They Answer Your Prayers
“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”  Psalm 91:11 What are angels and why do they answer our prayers?Angels are to God what sunbeams are to the sun.  God created our Angels to serve and minister to us. Answering our prayers is their reason for being!Although we live in the material world, we have a special link to God through our Angels.  And we each are a part of God, a Divine spark, within us that allows us to ask our Angels for help—and to expect results!

You need only ask them to do what is divine, loving, and positive and Your Angels will answer your call!

Not only can you ask them to help you personally but you can also direct them—even command them—to perform larger tasks, like You being the Light of the world!

Your Angels are waiting for you to give them assignments and gather all your goodies!  They don’t intervene in our world unless we ask them to and they can’t wait to do so!

The main Angel I would suggest You first call on is Archangel Michael!  His primary focus is to help eliminate your fear and fill you with what you really are and that is LOVE!

Fear is not in your DNA but it is in your beliefs.  Fear is the primary reason you can’t simply ask for something and receive it.  Fear is the start of all wars, all fights, all your anger, all your hurt, and the root of all things you don’t want (what many would call the devil).
Breathe deeply in 5 seconds and out five seconds, 6 times, and do this right now.  Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply, 6 times.

Now call forth Archangel Michael and ask him to remove your fear.  Right now ask:  
“Archangel Michael I ask you to remove and eliminate my fear and fill me only with love!”

Then relax for a few minutes and he will free you from fear and the magic in your life will start to flow like a gentle mountain stream!

If you wish to be guided to your Angels, call on me and we shall have the most exhilarating and divine time together with Your Angels 👼
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Your Guardian Angel, Dr. Hank 👼

How to Slay the Turkeys of your Life

How to slay the turkeys of your life!

Laurie always got along with everyone. But still, she winced at the thought of Thanksgiving and her Uncle Joe! He would always pick on her, say gross things, and the list became longer and longer about all the things she didn’t like about him. To Uncle Joe, Laurie was always wrong no matter what she said or did.

During the family get-together at Thanksgiving, she blew up. Her niece cried. She knew the neighbors heard. She could feel the tension with her other siblings. And she was boiling, even after it was over! Laurie was not looking forward to the next holiday at all. Uncle Joe was ruining everything…Uncle Joe was not the Turkey! Who was Laurie’s turkey?

We all have turkeys in our lives. But are they really your uncle, your boss, your whacko neighbor, the bank, the pandemic, your credit card company, your ex, or your joint pain? You might think they are, they might feel like turkeys, but they aren’t compared to the real Turkey. So then, who was Laurie’s turkey?

It was her subconscious mind! Laurie’s turkey was the anger and rage that came up when Uncle Joe pushed her buttons.
Our subconscious mind can create challenges coming from deep within, bubbling up, causing problems at every turn. They include: Fear – Frustration – Overwhelm – Uncertainty – Procrastination – Self-Sabotage – Poor Memory – Anxiety – Negative Beliefs – Stress – Jealousy – Self-Esteem – Weight Gain – Low Energy – Aging – Shame – Money – Bad Habits – Negative Self-Talk

Today, Laurie is living proof that turkeys can be darn easy to slay…simply by thinking differently about Uncle Joe and herself!

Here’s how she did it…
You see, she simply did my “Joy Shop” in the morning and wrote 21 times a magical sentence especially created for her and her turkeys!
And how can you get rid of your turkeys, or achieve any desire you want?

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You can be the hero and improve any aspect of your life too!

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There is nothing to study. No books or classes! We will tap into your subconscious mind, and discover the loving power within you!

You will see that this system I have created will magically create a better life for you as it did for Laurie:

“Dr. Hank is the greatest teacher I have ever known!  He taught me how life plays and how I can have everything that I want by simply thinking differently!  I now have a thriving business, inward peace, happiness, and my villains have turned into Saints!”
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Look For Your Internal Guidance!

Most of us have been brought up, or are being brought up now, to depend upon our parents, teachers and others for guidance!

Most of these people over time change, pass on or go away in our everyday lives. Fortunately, we can be and have always had an internal guidance system that is forever with us in every moment!

This guidance is our higher self, our soul or what many of us refer to as God!

The best way to receive this guidance in the forms of thoughts, people and experiences is through the art of quieting your mind through MEDITATION!

If you will, right now, tell yourself to relax and to quiet your mind! Then close your eyes and breathe deeply for just one minute!

You will now see through the eyes of God, have the thoughts of God, and attract to you everything that puts you on your Lighted path of JOY 💝

As you connect with your true self and connect with your internal guidance, you will find your dreams come true!

Love, Dr. Hank

P.S. Ask me for a free guided “meditation on well-being” by emailing me at

I Love Myself!

God loves you and sometimes we don’t love ourselves like God does! In fact, most people are tougher on themselves, and say not so nice things to ourselves about ourselves!

So let’s love ourselves the way God loves us by thinking these thoughts:

I love me!
I love my amazing body!
I love my imaginative mind!
I love the guidance of my emotions!

I love being made in the image and likeness of God!
I love being an extension of God!
I love being the creator of my experience!
I love the intelligence of my cells!

I love myself 💝
I so love myself 💝
I adore me and all that I am 💝

I love my intelligence!
I love the way I can feel sooo good!
I love my relationship and oneness with God!

I love knowing that only well/being flows to me and I now open myself up to the love and opportunities that I am given!

It’s a good life and it is now a better life as I love myself 💝

I Love You Too, Dr. Hank 

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Only 1 Way To Thrive!

We can’t get to a better place by thinking about the bad place we think we might be in!

We are Creators and there is only 1 way to thrive and get to a better place, and that is with thoughts of what we love, like and enjoy 😇

We just can’t think of sickness and expect to be well! Our thoughts become things so let us choose right now thoughts that take us to where we want to go 🎉 Start by filling in these sentences…

I like the feeling of…

I savor the thought of…

I appreciate these 12 things in my life…

I now desire to be, do and have more of these things…

Then let it fly with these thoughts 🎉

I’m thankful for how I feel right now! I’m thankful for all that I am! I’m thankful that God listens and responds to my every thought! I have the power to feel happy and I go there now! I love this delicious life and how it is getting better for me now! I’m excited about my future! I love the feeling of knowing all the wonderful possibilities that await me! I love being so connected with God! I love having my intuition that leads me to my riches! I love it, I love it, I love it all! Thank You Lord! Amen 🙏

You are now on the 1 way path to your thriving! Hallelujah! Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: Let Us See The Blessings 🤗

We have experienced BIG changes in the world and with these BIG changes come BIG OPPORTUNITIES 🐣

In every particle in the Universe there is the wanted and the unwanted. Let us today seek and find the wanted in ourselves, others and the world 🌎

This is an inside job, a time for us to think and feel things that we enjoy, love and want more of it!

Come join me this Wednesday at noon CST as we discuss how to make lemonade out of the lemons 🍋

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Will you and your family/friends be my guests? Let us all see the blessings in each powerful and lovely moment 🐣

Love, Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank – You Deserve To Be Rich!

You deserve to be rich and here are the 5 easy steps to be so!

1.  Know that everything comes from one source, God! It doesn’t have anything to do with what is going on in the world, just your connection to your inside world and God! That’s what the Bible meant by saying ‘the root of all evil is money’, meaning don’t love money, love God where money comes from!

2.  It is the invisible mind of God and you can tap into the mind of God and this Podcast will show you how!

3.  Continue to feed your mind with thoughts of riches in all ways, of wealth and health! Get my book “Good Feeling Thoughts” by searching on Amazon for Dr. Hank Seitz

4.  Say this to yourself often each day “I am now writing in my mind the idea of God’s riches and my riches that flows to me and through me now!”

5.  Whenever you think poverty, lack and limitation simply say to yourself: “God is my instant supply of riches!”

From this moment on simply choose the riches of Life, the riches from God right here and right now and it shall be yours right here and right now! 

Your Word Is Powerful!

Our word is powerful because our words are thoughts articulated!

What we think about and speak, we get, whether we want it or not 😇 Speak these thoughts out loud and you shall have them:

I speak of prosperity and have it 💰

I speak of health and have it 🤗

I speak of being a magnet and I am 🧲

I speak of being successful and I am 🌟

It is law that what thoughts I entertain and what I speak becomes my reality! What have you been thinking about recently?

It matters not what is happening in the world, it only matters what is happening in your head! Let us stand tall and declare our future is even better and it will be!

The way we think impacts the way we feel! As we feel better, so shall we receive more of what we desire. Our point of attraction has risen and you can expect a better day and life starting now!

Love, Dr. Hank

We Can Move Forward!

We can never go back, but we can move forward to an even better place starting right now!

We all have a source of NEVER ENDING resources that we have the power to tap into 😇

Let us right now no longer be concerned with what’s happening in the world, but rather what’s happening in our own minds!

Let us move forward and create the life we have dreamed of by being most focused on feeling good! As we feel good we are with God and then it is the Divine time to take inspired action 🤗

When you get the impulse to call someone or do something, this is the perfect moment for not only are you aligned with God but those that you are reaching out to are aligned as well!

This is when the magic happens 👼. So let the fun and enjoyment be yours as we move forward starting now 💝

Love, Dr. Hank

I Seek and Find!

We are the divine ones that have the ability to seek and find!

Read these thoughts to have your wanted door of joy be opened wide for you 💝

I seek bursts of laughter!
I seek acts of kindness 😇

I appreciate the time I have with others!
I appreciate my importance to God and all there is!

I give the best hugs and kisses where the other person feels my love ❤️
I give myself relief and ease as I realize that all is well!

I soak everyone into my heart ❤️
I soak kindness into me and my heart ❤️

I now walk through the darkness and become the Light 🌟
I am everything in this world that is good 💝

My Light is eternal 💝
I am eternal 💝

I easily accept new creative thoughts that improve my life and the life of all 🎉

As you feel better you enhance your life experience because you have sought these holy thoughts and have found them in your good feelings now 👼

Love, Dr. Hank