Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “I Go Forward!”

I want to go forward in this physical body, knowing that there is a much larger me, the Divine Self which I come from!

I now ask that I become aware of Your essence every moment of every day as You love Me, guide Me and lead Me to My desires 😇

As I move through My day I shall experience things wanted and unwanted, and I shall turn My cheek and focus on the wanted in My Life 🎉

As I focus on the wanted I shall gain more clarity, have more fun and feel better and better 😇. You shall give Me moment by moment a clearer understanding of what I desire and then provide Me the path of most allowing to My dreams 🎉

This is why I came here and I now ask for, seek and knock on the door of being in the flow of Life, the flow and alignment with God and so it is now done unto Me as I Go Forward🙏 Amen


Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “Do You Believe!”

It is indeed done unto Us as We believe, though most of Our beliefs have been taught and given to Us!

Let Us today let go of beliefs that no longer serve Us and then enjoy this freedom as You read these thoughts!

I believe in My desires!
I believe in My power!
I believe in Me!

I believe in My expansion!
I believe in My becoming!
I believe in Me!

I believe in My creativity!
I believe in My imagination!
I believe in Me!

I believe I can let more in!
I believe I can allow more in!
I believe in Me!

As You believe in the things that You desire and only focus on those things, then it is only possible to have Your desires flow to You in the steady flow of Life that You are now aligned with as You believe in You!


Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “Feel, Give & Create!”

We all have the power and have been blessed with being able to feel, give and create 🤗

Read this each morning and watch Your Life LIGHT UP 💡

I feel alive!
I feel energized!
I feel happy!

I feel eager!
I feel strong!
I feel trust!

I give kindness!
I give compliments!
I give love!

I give smiles!
I give kind words!
I give peace!

I create My Life!
I create My experience!
I create what I want!

I create abundance!
I create joy!
I create confidence!

As You soak these good feeling thoughts into Your being, this week and forever more shall be filled with more of WHAT YOU DO WANT 😇


Dr. Hank

Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “How to Improve Your Thought Process!”

Here is how to easily have the best week ever with “How To Improve Your Thought Process”!

We are creatures of habit and this includes our habitual thought patterns. As we improve our thought patterns we will improve our lives 🤗.

Here is a fast path and proven process to the joy You desire.😇 It’s a fast and sure way to increase your point of attraction!

Be deliberate before you go to sleep tonight and say to Your Higher Self, “I want to have better feeling thoughts as I sleep and when I awaken 🤗.”

When you sleep your mind is quiet and it allows these good feeling Godly thoughts to flow easily into Your mind 😇

You will feel better than ever when you rise and then say to Your Higher Self “I want to have better feeling thoughts now, today and forever more!”

By next Sunday you will improve your thought process, raise your point of attraction and experience more joy that aligns you with Your Divine Self! 💝

Then watch in awe as the Universe delivers to you “The Life Of Your Dreams!”


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Inspiration From Dr. Hank: “IMAGINE!”

Whatever you think about, you will eventually get!  All of science has proven that all which we experience comes initially from our thought!

We all hold the key to living a better life and that key is to use our thought to IMAGINE 😇. Let’s do a fun exercise to imagine something that everyone wants and that’s MORE MONEY 💰

Imagine that you were just wired $5 million!  As you read this imagine that this really happened 🎉

IMAGINE looking at your checking account and seeing those 6 zeros after the 5 for $5,000,000!

How do you feel with 5 million dollars 🤗? It feels sooo good, you feel such relief and such freedom!

IMAGINE that you can now travel first class anywhere in the world! IMAGINE you can now stay at the best hotels in the world, own the nicest car, live in the nicest home and give money to your children and a great cause you are passionate about 💝

IMAGINE that you never to worry about the lack of money and see your 5 million dollars growing easily and quickly to $10 million and then $20 million 🎉

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and really own this thought of having all the money you will ever need for your comfort and desires.

Now if we aren’t having fun now Dear One 💥. Whoo Hoo! Hold this thought of being independently wealthy! The magic of the Universe has an endless supply of money and you have now claimed it as yours!!! You already have this bank account and it is here for your taking 😇

Now believe in you, believe that you do have this wealth and abundance and as you believe in your endless bank account of money, joy, freedom and happiness it is yours! The more you withdraw the more shall come to you for You are now in the flow of Life and Your inheritance 🌟


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