Find Your Treasures

We all have an endless stream of amazing treasures that We can have and experience!

We simply need to CHOOSE  and CLAIM these riches that are all abundantly available to Us!

Clues will emerge into Your experience automatically as You EXPECT and CLAIM Your treasures!  We can all experience the boundless blessings that are Yours to enjoy!

Intuition will guide You and Your heightened awareness will awaken Your six senses that will show You the signs and give You the signals to keep You on track to discover Your life’s treasures!

All of Your intentional desires will set into motion the treasure seeking mechanism within as You have a positive expectancy that brings serendipitous opportunities, God sends, and boundless blessings!

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All My Love, Dr. Hank 

Choose Joy Today!

Choose Joy!

When Our intentions and deliberate thoughts are on Joy, only this can come to Us!

Here are some thoughts for You to enjoy each day!

I am going to have really fun times today!

I am going to play more today!

I am going to really enjoy this Life experience!

I am going to really enjoy the people I attract today!

I am going to enjoy My new discoveries and interests!

And it is going to be so much fun to watch My ideas hatch and then manifest themselves into My Life today!

Oh what fun and happiness I have today as I deliberately choose JOY!

Love, Dr. Hank

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FEELING As Good As You Can!

It’s all about FEELING as good as You can FEEL in every moment of every day!

God rests in this loving energy that is always beckoning You to!  This loving energy is where Your desires are and where You are in a pure state of allowing, believing and expecting them!

Here rests all the wanted that You desire!  All We need to do is feel the relative relationship between God’s good feelings and Your feelings.

As We FEEL as God does about any subject and any desire, the desire shall show up in Our lives…in Your Life!  Simply gravitate to thoughts that FEEL better and this leads You to happy, joyous and abundant Life!

How You FEEL is the relationship between who You are and what You want!  Every moment is an opportunity to find Your interest and move in the direction of it!  This is the perfection of Life & You!

So simply FEEL as good as You can and You are on Your Lighted path to all the happiness, joy and abundance You desire!

If You want to feel better and have more of Your dreams come true, then let’s talk

Love, Dr. Hank 

Your Path Is Easy!

Your path is easy if You will allow and trust this glorious path!

Here are some easy steps to be on Your Lighted Path 😇

Pay attention to what You are asking for, what You are thinking about!  

Ask for wanted things that You want, enjoy and love!”

Expect to be surprised in delightful ways every day and in all ways!

TRUST that it will be given to You!

And the easiest path to what You want is to THINK about WHAT You want and WHY You want it!

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To Your Happiness & Success, 
Dr. Hank


For Us to create a full and enriched Life, We need to have a healthy mind, healthy spirit (our emotions) and healthy body that creates FEELING GOOD!

Today let Us focus on the body and the benefits of simple daily exercise!
When We exercise Our bodies receive wanted energy that enhance both chemical, emotional and social levels!

Chemically Our bodies create the most powerful and most effective drugs ever created by mankind! Exercise causes the body to produce and make use of a number of elements associated with FEELING GOOD!

The drug Dopamine is a chemical messenger for nuerons that is made in the brain and then released into the mind, body and emotions that creates alertness, focus, motivation and happiness!

The drug Endocannabinoids are molecules made by our bodies and regulate Our mood!  Simply exercise and You will be in a better mood!

The drug Endorphins is a small chemical that acts on the nervous system and relieves pain, reduces stress and increase pleasure and Our sense of well-being!

Exercise also increases Our social and emotional capacity and increases Our feelings of trust, togetherness, confidence and expand Our imagination which is God’s playground!

Let’s starting taking a walk outside each day an then watch in amazement as You will now be FEELING GOOD!  Need some help getting started?  Let’s talk

Need A Steady Strong Friend

If You are looking for a steady strong friend, there are many standing by to love, guide and support You!

These Friends of Yours include God, Your Angels, other People and of course Mother Nature, including trees!

Think of the enormous limbs that reach out to You with welcome arms!  Think how strong, long lived and how trees take the long view of Life!  How resilient they are and how they can provoke an emotional response of AWE from within You!  AWE decreases stress, anxiety and even inflammation!

And trees can even quiet our mental chatter, what I call our smaller self’s committee members of f.e.a.r. ( false evidence appearing real), worry and doubt.  Trees deactivate this mental chatter by deactivating our brain’s default mode and placing Us into a state of awe and divine absorption!

Trees are generous and share nutrients with other trees, plants and grass as they naturally clean the air We all breathe!

You can get healing energy from trees!  Simply stand on her massive roots and hug her massive trunk as You feel the magnetic energy of Mother Earth flowing through You!

But most of all, AWE, can reap incredible benefits including being happier and more generous!  

Oh My, We all have such steady strong Friends to support Us, Guide Us and love Us including even a hug with Mother Nature and Her trees.

I Love You, Dr. Hank 

P.S. If You want another steady strong Friend, then let’s talk and create some AWE together

Easy Ways To Be Healthier & Wealthier

There are three easy steps to good wanted health!

  1. Good Feeling Thoughts – I’ve written several books on this most important step.
  2. Breathe deeply, 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out, at least 6 times each hour.  This is the fastest way to connect with Your Higher Power!
  3. And drink lots of water, about 64 ounces each day as millions of Our cells pass on each minute and water washes them away to create new healthy cells!

That’s all You need as the Father will then do the work and give You the thoughts, people and circumstances to have a long, happy, healthy and wealthy Life!

And for Men, this guidance will help them with what half of all American men will experience ED Erectile Dysfunction, yet a staggering 75% don’t seek treatment. They typically don’t want to talk about it… or even hint at it… even though it’s often treatable with some simple mindset and lifestyle changes. Getting an erection requires psychological (mindset) focus first, and functionality from your nerves, blood vessels, and hormone system.

Here are some of the most common causes of ED:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nerve disorders (i.e., Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis)
  • Smoking
  • Obesity

Any one of these can lead to ED. Medications like antidepressants and some operations (like prostate surgery) also have ED as a side effect.  But research is piling up to support my recommendations that simple lifestyle changes are enough to reverse ED and have better health as sex is good for all Our health, male and female.

A study conducted by researchers from Australia’s University of Adelaide showed that simple lifestyle changes can help reverse ED. The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that 29% of participants (aged 35 to 80 years) reversed their erectile dysfunction by losing weight, sleeping and eating better, and cutting alcohol consumption.

Simple lifestyle changes are much more beneficial than a bunch of pills for men and women!  I think you’ll find that changing several aspects of your life will help combat ED, be healthier and wealthier!  If you want to get started today, do these four inspired Life changers:

1. Exercise. A Harvard study a few years ago showed that even just walking for 30 minutes a day helps lower the risk of ED by 41%. Losing those few extra pounds will help, too. More weight on your body strains your cardiovascular system, which in turn can reduce the blood flow to every part of Your body.

2. Get the right amount of sleep. Studies show a link between sleep deprivation and ED.

Researchers explain that testosterone is made during your sleeping hours. That means if you aren’t sleeping enough or aren’t sleeping well, your testosterone levels will drop, which can lead to ED.  Because of this link, ED could also signal a deeper problem with sleep.

A study from Mount Sinai Medical Center found that 63% of patients reported suffering from sleep apnea, a condition where your breathing starts and stops irregularly during sleep, also experienced ED.  Sleeping well is crucial for so many aspects of your health. 

3. Try the Mediterranean diet. Several trials have shown that eating a diet similar to what people living around the Mediterranean Sea eat – one that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and fish – helps your immune system. It even helps keep your brain healthy and fights off signs of aging.

As it turns out, the Mediterranean diet also helps reverse ED. A study from the University of Naples showed that men who tried the diet for two years saw improvement.

Plus, these men all had metabolic syndrome – a fancy way of saying they had high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, as well as excess fat around their middles. So they had several factors contributing to their ED… making their improvements that much more significant.

4. Drink coffee. A study from the University of Texas Health Science Center found that men who drank two to three cups of coffee per day had a lower risk of ED.

Of the 3,700 men surveyed, those who drank one to two cups of coffee a day reported 42% fewer cases of ED than men who drank no coffee. And men who drank two to three cups per day reported 39% fewer cases.

The researchers believe coffee improves blood flow to the penis and relaxes certain smooth muscles. We already know the many benefits of coffee and that the two-to-three-cup amount is ideal for helping fight against ED.

The research is clear – making lifestyle changes can significantly improve or even reverse your ED. So before you or your loved one starts popping pills, give these four tips a try.

Do what I do and first thing each day do My “Joy Shop” that creates Your day, walk a half hour fast paced walk with nature, eat well, enjoy a few cups of coffee each morning and get plenty of sleep. That was easy!  And if You want to be healthier, look and feel younger, be happier and grow Your wealth, let’s talk!

Love, Dr. Hank 

We All Want The Same Things

Here are some easy and loving thoughts that We all want and that We can all have!  

We can now give up the battle and give up the struggle!  We can let go and allow Our desires to flow into Our experience!  We can relax into this peaceful space and then say to Yourself 

I want to have a long, happy, healthy and wealthy Life!

I want to have clarity!

I want to feel good!

I want to be of value!

I want to feel loved!

I want to be aligned to the magnificence of who I really am!

I want to raise My vibration!

I want to raise My point of attraction!

I want to fall in Love with Life!

I want to be excited for My future!

You are now perched and ready for Your extraordinary and magical Life to be here now!  You simply make a decision and then line up with it!  Feel the exuberance of Life and how eager You are now to fly with Your Angels, for We all want these things!

I Love You, Dr. Hank

Call Forth Peace In 2021

You have the loving power to call forth PEACE for You and Your Family this New Year!  Here’s a fast track to peace:

Breathe in deeply and imagine you are breathing in light, calling light to yourself.  With the peace that you have, imagine that in front of you is an angel of peace, a being of peace, one who is here to love, guide, and support you. 

Feel yourself growing even more peaceful, as if the burdens and cares are being lifted from your shoulders.  Your solar angel is with you, the angel of your soul.  And you feel yourself, with this peace, attuned to the angelic kingdom — the beautiful music, the rare and refined atmosphere, such love, harmony, joy, ease, play.   Waves of this energy are all about you that you can attune to when you are in a state of peace.  You are magnetic to all the light and the angelic beings. 

And this angel of peace in front of you looks you in the eyes and asks if you are ready to sustain a new level of peace and harmony in your life, to play with the angels and the beings of light more often.  If you are ready, this being holds in his or her hand a flame of peace, a peace that comforts, that lifts, that soothes You! 

Take this flame of peace in your hand and bring it into your heart, or let it grow large and surround your body, an emanation from the highest of levels, this flame of peace, from the All-That-Is, from the Oneness.  This is the flame that joins and unites You with peace.  Allow this to feel like all the parts of yourself, Your mind, body, spirit/emotions are coming together into one, unified wholeness of love and peace…who You really are! 

You can put this flame of peace into any area of your life or any relationship, imagining as you do that you are bringing all into harmony with this higher vibration of peace.  Say to yourself, “There is only peace and harmony.” and there will be for You now and for all of 2021!

I send You PEACE, Dr. Hank 

Getting To Know Your Archangels – Today Archangel Michael!

God’s love for you is so tender and always present with you! Archangels are used to help you find your inner joy and improve your life, causing everything to improve for you!

We each have the power and ability to call upon our Angels to help us, guide us, support us and love us to everything we desire! Angels are God’s helpers and each of the 7 Archangels serve a specific purpose, therefore it is most effective to call upon the Archangel who can best support you in their specialty.

In this series we will discover your 7 Archangels and how they can specifically help you. The first Archangel “Who is like God!” is Archangel Michael who comes forth from the heart of God to minister to our Souls, is known as the great intercessor and is the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts.

Archangel Michael’s main purpose and mission is to help mankind overcome fear. Fear is fortunately not in our DNA but is in our beliefs. Fear is the major cause of EVERYTHING that you don’t want! Archangel Michale can also release you from self-doubt that will then increase your own self-esteem and confidence.

F.E.A.R. is an acronym meaning False Evidence Appearing Real. From fear comes anger, hurt, low self-esteem and the root of all thoughts of lack and limitation. Another easy way to detect fear is to simply observe your feelings and if you are feeling bad, the root cause is fear. This is why Archangel Michael is so intent in eliminating fear from humanity for it keeps us down and prevents us from enjoying our Soul’s desires of more FREEDOM and more JOY!

I had an operation recently and had a fear of being physically restricted and was claustrophobic. I called upon Archangel Michael to RELEASE this fear and it not only released these fears during and after the operation, but everywhere in my life! It was truly a miracle as I have had this fear for most of my life and almost instantly it has left me! Praise the Lord!!!

Archangel Michael’s color is blue and a great way to connect with his energy is to be around water or be observing anything that is blue. If you are or want to be a leader of the world, he is the one to call upon to strengthen your leadership. Archangel Michael’s trusted and loved companion is Faith.

As you call upon Michael, ask for the energy of Faith to come in and strengthen your new freedom from fear, to strengthen your self-confidence and to be filled with love! This is a key point for once you ask for this fear release about anything in your life, then ask for this open space to be filled with love and it will be!

Here is a wonderful prayer to call upon Archangel Michael:

“In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I call upon the seven Archangels and their legions of light and energy, calling now on my beloved Archangel Michael and ask to be RELEASED of all my fear and filled with only love for this is where I came from and this is who I really am!

I ask that my call be multiplied and used for the assistance of all souls on this planet who wish to release their fear and set them free. I give thanks for my prayer being answered now by Archangel Michael and Faith, according to the will of God and this is now so, and so it is. Amen.”

Think about what you are fearing…it could be a person, situation, future event, relationship, scarcity of money, lack and limitation of anything in your life. Now say the above prayer and be specific of whatever fear you wish to RELEASE and Archangel Michael will release your fear and fill you with love and you shall discover a better life and your inner joy!

If you would like to connect with Angels and experience more success and happiness in your life set up a GOOD FIT CALL with me at (link).

I Love You, Dr. Hank