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Inspiration From Dr. Hank – “Perceive More!”

Divine One 😇

Our Souls came here to grow, live and play 🤗

Let Us expand Our perception to the precision of Our Angels now 😇

There is a reality that We and our Souls are creating, and let us witness it today 🤗

Today, ask to perceive things like You have never perceived before 👼👼👼

Ask to be a fuller person than who You are now 🤗

You are an energy stream and be open to a fuller version of who You are now 🤗

Let all the energy stream in now!

You are an uplifter who has come to uplift 🎉

Feel resonance with love, pure positive energy and the flow of Life 💝

You’re good at feeling good 😌

It is Your heart to good will!

So feel high on Life and eager in the moment as You perceive more of the Divine You 🤗

Love, Dr. Hank