About Me

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my blog and your interest in my story…
Sixteen years ago I broke my neck in a car accident and was in a coma where I was asked if I wanted to “stay or go” and I chose to stay. I opted not to have surgery to put a rod in my neck and instead put my faith in a great power. I was told I would have chronic pain for the rest of my life and once again I called upon my higher power and am now pain free and enjoying good health. From this I learned how all of us can overcome any obstacle in our lives and achieve our dreams by thinking good feeling thoughts and by only focusing on what we want and what we dream of being, doing and having. In August of 2016, I was ran over by an 18 wheeler that totaled my car and body and miraculously I recovered, through the power of God and his Angels, within months of this miraculous experience!
I am a PASSIONATE MAN who helps others using a time proven SUCCESS FORMULA that taps into their UNLIMITED POTENTIAL, while guaranteeing specific and measurable business improvements.
In REAL ESTATE, I am passionate about helping AGENTS & BROKERS increase their HAPPINESS, BUSINESS & WEALTH! I have helped thousands tap into their magnificence and achieve greater professional and personal achievement.
AGENT WEALTH SUCCESS is about connecting REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS with people, systems and tools so you, too, can enjoy the wealthy life in real estate.
I am certified to administer the world’s most statistically accurate and valid diagnostic tools that provide precision accuracy of people’s behaviors, motivations, business acumen and talents.
“Your Network is your Net Worth”
I am the creator of Top Performers With Dr. Hank, a time proven process that guarantees to increase your business, or your investment is returned in full!
I am a top selling and award winning author with books that include
✔︎The Happiest Man In The World
✔︎Think Feel and Grow Rich
✔︎The Success Formulawith Brian Tracy and read “The Power Of Emotion” By Dr. Hank
✔︎Conversations With Joseph
I was a General Manager with Procter & Gamble (P&G) for 15 years, managing a billion-dollar business in the Southeast United States. I developed a Success Formula for business success and used this process first with P&G and sales grew by 21%, and costs dropped by 34% in less than a year, while helping my team to personally tap into their brilliance.
I left P&G and began my own consulting practice in 1995, with my first client being P&G. Since then I have served as an advisor to the Board of John Deere and helped Coca-Cola, IBM, Chase Bank, and hundreds of other large and small companies and entrepreneurs.
I own a consulting and coaching firm “Guaranteed Measurable Results“, am a member of EXP Realty, and have business partnerships with Advance Rewards Funding, Paradise Title and Columbus Capital Lending. I have been called “The Spiritual Teacher” and likened to Santa Claus, carrying priceless gifts for others to enjoy as I help people make their dreams come true!
Twitter: @DrHankSeitz
My life and business have taken off since joining Dr. Hank and taking his amazing training! In the first four months I closed over $4 million of business with him! Dr. Hank is truly the guru of real estate.”
Ryan Shea
“I’ve worked with Dr. Hank for over ten years and he has changed my business and life forever! I started as an Agent and became a master at listings and am now a successful Broker with more business, time and money! Thank You Dr. Hank!”
Erica Cisneros
Dr. Hank is truly amazing and has blessed my life in so many ways! He helped me develop a farming area, generate quality leads with his simple and easy training programs and so much more. I am now an ICON Agent and serving more people than ever before! Dr. Hank has the best training and is the kindest person I know! He’s like an Angel sent from heaven for me and my family.
Kedah Shabazz-Terry

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