The Loving Energy of Money

Money is simply vibrational energy!  Money has come from our vibrational currency, which is our thought!

Does money come from some other planet?  Is there a pipeline of money coming into the world?  There were no billionaires in the last century and now there are 5 billionaires who are worth a trillion dollars!

So where is this money coming from?  It comes from our thought!  Money is vibrational energy from our thought!  

As we spend our vibrational currency, it is automatically replenished as it is mentally spent, due to the law of attraction!  

This automatic money replenishment can be in our physical experience when We are aligned in Our happiness and with God, Our INNER BEING!

As We exchange the currency of money in our minds, You will start experiencing money in Your bank accounts  

So start writing out checks each day for thousands of dollars, start writing down the things You want to exchange with money for things You want, places You want to go and spend, spend, spend in Your mind!

As You spend in Your mind You will see the replenishment of money flow into Your experience!!!

That’s easy and so it is easy!  

Dr. Hank

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