Being a Deliberate Creator!

Most experience life by default!  We have been taught to try to manipulate the outside world when it really is an inside job!

We get to choose in each moment our own point of attraction!  As We deliberately choose what We desire and love, instead of choosing what is going on, We become the deliberate Creators that We were meant to be and are!

It’s just one turning point at a time, turning to what feels better, that will lead You to all that You desire!

Just do Your best on feeling better!

Care most about how You feel right now!

You are the Creator of Your own reality!  Everything is responding to how You feel, bringing about more thoughts, people, and circumstances to make You feel better in magical and delightful ways!

And this is the way to being a Deliberate Creator and having all of Your dreams come true!

I Love You,
Dr. Hank 

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