Seeing Through The Eyes of Your Higher Power

As We relax, take it easy and breathe deeply, We become connected to Our Higher Power!

You intended to feel good and enjoy more and here is a way to have this and more of Your Dreams come true! 

There is a difference between the vibration of Your problems and the answer to Your problems!  Einstein said that You can’t fix the problem at the energy level of the problem!

Similarly and most importantly, the energy level when You ASK is different than the energy level when You receive it! You are lined up with Your Higher Power, and at one with Your desires, where what You want will flow into Your experience.

You have been asking the equivalent of many lifetimes for the things that You want!  It is now time for You to stop asking, stop trying so hard, stop working so much, stop sacrificing and now stand and see through the eyes of Your higher power and be in the receiving mode!

This is done by being where the energy is to receive, no longer asking, and instead of being relaxed, allowing and receiving as You allow the Father to do the work!

Do You want to know more about jumping into the receiving stream of energy?  Of course, You do so set up a call with Me, and let’s make more of Your dreams come true 💝

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