I Go Deep and Become Meek!

As I breathe in, I breathe in the healthy oxygen that creates more health and allows Me to go deeper.

As I breathe out, I release and let go of the world and go further deeper within.

Every breathe I take is a comforting and healing breathe.  Softly and deeply I now relax and fall deeper into Love.

I have chosen a deeper more exciting and loving experience with My Inner Being.  I rest, relax and comfort Myself in this deep stillness, quietness and meekness.

I now expand Myself in celebration to My True Self, the Truth of Me, the expression of My core level.

I now free and release this inner Divine energy that has always been here for Me.  I am open to this new energy, My best self, the Divine Self.

This creates My awakening of My intuitive Self that is inside of Me and who knows all!  I am emerged in the subtleties and amazing opportunities that come from the natural truth of Me.

I’m in the natural, creative and loving state that feels so good!  Life, happiness and prosperity comes to Me now in this deep place of the most high.

My core is strengthened, enlightened and I am now living the Divine, sacred Life.  I am validating Me and the essence of who I really am, pure Love.

This is My time to be meek and everything I think, feel and sense now comes from My core.  In God’s energy, ever-flowing from within and of My True Self.

I am tuned into the quietness, orientated back to who I am with joy, freedom and loving energies.

I breathe in the healing oxygen to heal Me, relax Me and be emerged in this deep love, never before experienced as I tap into the still love of My Inner Self, the Kingdom Within.

Water refreshes Me and cleanses Me as I celebrate these exciting times.  Being Divinely Guided by My True Self.

I drift and float down deeper, like a feather, going deeper on My celebratory path.  I am light as a feather, feeling My Oneness, guided in the now, to the glory as I am enough, I choose this Divine deeper blissful path now.

I now receive this deep impression, taking Me to the Love that I am.  My thoughts, feelings and physical self are now aligned to the depth of who I am.  I am meek, releasing all preconceived ideas, and allowing Myself to be at One with Me who is deep within.

For this I give thanks.  And so it is.  Amen

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