Find The Good Feeling Place!

You no longer need to manipulate the world!  You no longer need to force things to come about!  You can walk away from the efforting!  No more sacrificing!  No more working hard!

This is about how You are thinking and what You are feeling!  It is about Your feelings and the ability for You to let it in!  You can find the “Good Feeling Place”  to allow Your dreams to flow to You, easily and gracefully!  

As You convey these on purpose, with deliberate thoughts about what You desire, what You ENJOY  and LOVE, then and only then will You thrive, and everyone around You WILL thrive!

You are magnificent Divine One!  As You connect with Your Higher Power, as You choose to awaken to Your all creative ability, as You feel better, then You will find the place of the most High, in the place where You feel better!

Let’s hang around with the thoughts that feel better!  For whatever thoughts You send out, You become a vibrational match to it and then You will get more of it!

Your Higher Power shall turn Your  thoughts into Your experience!  For all of Your thoughts will be electrified, Your prayers will be answered, and Your cup shall overflow as You stand in “The Good Feeling Place!”.

Start thinking about WHO You want to attract, WHAT You want to attract, and WHY You want it!  It is not Your business to do the HOW, for this is God’s play and allow “The Father To Do The Work!”.  These words I speak are not my own, but “My Father who lives in Me and does the work through me.” (John 14:10)

I Love You,
Dr. Hank 

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