There Is A Flowing Stream

There is a river where streams make glad the city of God!  The holy place where the Most High dwells!  Psalm 46:4

Say to Yourself “I am the river of God and from Me flow goodness, truth and love!  I dwell in the city of peace and this city is in My own mind!  All the people are my own thoughts that dwell within and are of God as they are God’s thoughts through Me!

I am a perfect child of the divine. Infinite Intelligence is guiding Me now with thoughts, words and deeds.  I feel, know and believe that My God self illumines My pathway.

Divine wisdom guides and delivers Me into all answers and solutions.  I am one with God now and all is well!  I love the voice of the holy one within!”

You have dominion over Your conditions and environment by quieting the mind, stilling Your emotions and telling Your body to relax.  This makes You meek and allows you to take dominion over this world.  Think how it feels to have the solution and answer and it will come to You!

Then say “I know that I have the answer now!  I know that My subconscious mind has the key to unlock the answer!  I live now in the moment and the feeling of the solution.”

Sense the feeling You have as if You have the answer now!  Let your mind relax and play with this thought.  Then relax and drift off to sleep.  You can now expect the answer to come at the perfect time and in the perfect portions.  It shall come to You in a perfect thought, a person or circumstance!

You are now in the flowing stream, the stream of Infinite Intelligence, the stream of God.  You shall always be on Your path as You are using your conscious mind to plant in the soil. The conscious mind determines the type of seed to plant.  The nature of the soil will grow anything, wanted or unwanted.

In the stream You shall always plant wanted seeds and the soil shall always grow what You habitually think about of the wanted.

I Love You, Dr. Hank

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