Turn Dreams of Money Into Reality!

Your dreams of an unlimited, never ending flow of joy, freedom (which includes money) and love are about to turn into reality!

It all starts with Our thoughts of DESIRE! Desire is the great moving power of the mind that ignites all emotion and attracts everything into Your experience!

Your mental desire creates the emotion which prompts all similar energy to rally around You! The stronger Your desire, the more You think about it and get fired up about it, the faster it shall come to You!

Take a sheet of paper, call it “My Desires” and write down 7 things You desire! Include money in Your list and then prioritize your items and include money in the top three! The other 4 things can wait and this will provide You more focus on money!

Take a second sheet and call it “Why I Want More Money!”

Now get into the reasons why; such as play more, more choices, more time, more freedom and then list all the specific things You can donate to, buy with and travel or live! Do NOT put how much money for the Father knows 🙂

Then take this list and put it in a place where You can see it everyday!

Your desire will grow, feel as though You have it, and then watch more money flow into Your Life!

For more good feeling thoughts, join the FB Group “Angel Connections”, the one with the Angel in the clouds

If You want more money or anything else, please reach out to Me here.

I Love You, Dr. Hank

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