We sometimes move for others and let’s explore this together 💞

Who are you moving for?

Of course, this is part of the “why” of moving. Is it because you want a bigger living room, to be closer to family, or want to be further from the highway? Or maybe your partner is having trouble getting up the stairs, doesn’t like the neighbors, or was offered a job far away. No matter the reason, make sure that you’ve psychologically signed on before you start.

I’m not only a Psychologist and Mental Scientist, but a real estate agent and broker, here to help You 😇

It’s difficult enough to get out of bed in the morning when you don’t want to. Moving if you don’t want to – or if you haven’t fully committed internally – is a whole lot worse. You’ll resent every moment of moving, and you won’t be any more satisfied once you’re at the new place unless You fully understand the WHO!

In other words… make sure that before you move, ensure that it’s for you – even if, at first, it’s for someone else.

The American Dream 🇺🇸 is for Us all and that includes You! You deserve Your dream home and I will show You how You can do it easily and quickly with America’s #1 Real Estate Team!
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All the best, Dr. Hank

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