Why Move?

Many of Us have taken Our “Dream Machine” on a long sabbatical 🙂

As We awaken Our dream machine, ask Yourself what is Your Dream Home and why would YOU want to move?

According to data cited by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, in 2019:

40% of people who moved did so for housing-related (i.e., living conditions) reasons
27% moved for family-related reasons
21% for a job (and the balance for various other reasons)

As you might guess, moving nearby is mostly for different housing, like better neighbors or a bigger (or smaller) house. Longer-distance moves are for work or professional reasons. (The exception here is for older people – who move bigger distances more for family than for work.)

So, why do you want to move? More space? A better view from your backyard? A quieter neighborhood? A place that requires less maintenance? Or to be closer to Junior and the grandkids?

Whatever the reason, be sure you’re not using the sledgehammer of moving to address an ant of a problem. Say, a basement that occasionally gets damp, a less-than-convenient flight connection to see the kids, grass that isn’t as green as you’d like.

If so, you might wind up spending a lot more time and money than necessary to make things better. It’s easier to spend $40,000 renovating the kitchen than a large multiple of that to be in more or less a similar situation, only with better cabinets.

Of course, “a change of scenery” is as good a reason to move as any, as is “I just feel like it.” But just be sure that you know up front why it is you want to move, because the “why” will likely get a lot of scrutiny when you’re in the throes of moving (“Why did I ever decide I wanted to move?”). If a move isn’t going to make a material difference to your life and happiness – however you define that – ask again, why?
We have the ability to make You a cash buyer even if You don’t have the cash 💰 

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