The Healer Within!

The mind has a profound influence on the state of Our well-being!  The mind can heal or not!

You can strengthen Your health through the vast ability of Your mind.  Using Our imagination, God’s playground, We can tap into The Healer Within!

Shift Your awareness to Your physical, emotional and mental health.  Where do You want The Healer Within to focus on first?

Has Your body, emotions or mind been trying to tell You something?  Are You willing to TRUST the Kingdom and the Healer within?

Will You ALLOW Yourself to be healed, to have perfect health!

We already have all the healing powers We need within Us!  Now breathe in deeply and imagine Your deepening sense of awareness.  Drift comfortably into Your still, quiet place within.  Quiet Your body, quiet Your emotions and quiet Your mind.  You are becoming meek and You the meek inherit the earth!  Those that go within, overcome the world, and lead the abundant Life!

This is starting to enrich the natural flow of healing energies within You!  All good things and a greater comfort goes throughout You!  You are nourishing Your whole being and tapping more and more into The Healer Within! If You are seeking better mental, emotional or physical health, I can help You to further tap into Your Healer by going here.

I Love You, Dr. Hank 

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