Be the full expression of all You are today!

Your true nature continues to deepen, grow and blossom!

Enjoy the rich treasures of life!

Boundless blessings are yours to enjoy!

Activate a positive expectancy!

You are a compass that leads You to Your treasure!

Connect with the resources within You!

Positive changes come to You today!

See with Your inner eyes Your abundant future!

Hear the voice of encouragement 

Claim Your bright future!

Trust Your inner guidance that directs You to Your highest destiny!

You have a compass and treasure map with You!

The great treasure awaits You!

Float to a higher perspective and a see Your new landscape for Your Life!

Maintaining a positive expectancy awakens the guidance system within!

Your way is easier and with good fortune filled with ease and grace!

I love you and I can help lighten Your load so let’s talk!

Dr. Hank 

How much will it cost to move?

Moving can be affordable and the cost can be put into Your mortgage! And depending on where you’re going, it’s likely to be a lot more than just the cost of two guys and a van – or, if you’re the do-it-yourself type, a U-Haul plus a stack of boxes picked up from next to the local grocery store garbage bin.

Don’t forget to factor in the time you’ll need for packing and unpacking, where you’ll stay before you get a place to live, and how you’ll eat and sleep before your household goods arrive.

If you’re moving internationally, are you going to buy a car (or two)? Are you ready to deal with weird mortgage rules that may prevent you from borrowing? What about the cost of residency permits or, traveling abroad every few months if you need to renew your tourist visa?

It helps to put together a budget for your move – whether it’s across the street, or around the world. And while you’re doing it, think through each step of the process, including where you’ll live and sleep, and how you’ll get around. It might sound obvious, but there’s nothing worse than overlooking something, well, not so obvious.

After you’ve thought through these and decide that yes, in fact, you (still) do want to move, where are you going to go? It’s not such an easy question. If you have options, it makes sense to come up with a structured way to think through them, and evaluate the pros and cons!

Let Me help You realize Your American Dream Home being Yours today! Let’s discuss!

We will find the answers and solutions for You! Dr. Hank

We sometimes move for others and let’s explore this together 💞

Who are you moving for?

Of course, this is part of the “why” of moving. Is it because you want a bigger living room, to be closer to family, or want to be further from the highway? Or maybe your partner is having trouble getting up the stairs, doesn’t like the neighbors, or was offered a job far away. No matter the reason, make sure that you’ve psychologically signed on before you start.

I’m not only a Psychologist and Mental Scientist, but a real estate agent and broker, here to help You 😇

It’s difficult enough to get out of bed in the morning when you don’t want to. Moving if you don’t want to – or if you haven’t fully committed internally – is a whole lot worse. You’ll resent every moment of moving, and you won’t be any more satisfied once you’re at the new place unless You fully understand the WHO!

In other words… make sure that before you move, ensure that it’s for you – even if, at first, it’s for someone else.

The American Dream 🇺🇸 is for Us all and that includes You! You deserve Your dream home and I will show You how You can do it easily and quickly with America’s #1 Real Estate Team!
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All the best, Dr. Hank

Why Move?

Many of Us have taken Our “Dream Machine” on a long sabbatical 🙂

As We awaken Our dream machine, ask Yourself what is Your Dream Home and why would YOU want to move?

According to data cited by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, in 2019:

40% of people who moved did so for housing-related (i.e., living conditions) reasons
27% moved for family-related reasons
21% for a job (and the balance for various other reasons)

As you might guess, moving nearby is mostly for different housing, like better neighbors or a bigger (or smaller) house. Longer-distance moves are for work or professional reasons. (The exception here is for older people – who move bigger distances more for family than for work.)

So, why do you want to move? More space? A better view from your backyard? A quieter neighborhood? A place that requires less maintenance? Or to be closer to Junior and the grandkids?

Whatever the reason, be sure you’re not using the sledgehammer of moving to address an ant of a problem. Say, a basement that occasionally gets damp, a less-than-convenient flight connection to see the kids, grass that isn’t as green as you’d like.

If so, you might wind up spending a lot more time and money than necessary to make things better. It’s easier to spend $40,000 renovating the kitchen than a large multiple of that to be in more or less a similar situation, only with better cabinets.

Of course, “a change of scenery” is as good a reason to move as any, as is “I just feel like it.” But just be sure that you know up front why it is you want to move, because the “why” will likely get a lot of scrutiny when you’re in the throes of moving (“Why did I ever decide I wanted to move?”). If a move isn’t going to make a material difference to your life and happiness – however you define that – ask again, why?
We have the ability to make You a cash buyer even if You don’t have the cash 💰 

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Why move?

Moving is also an expensive, time-consuming, difficult, and stressful ordeal. It’s like getting a colonoscopy and a root canal, simultaneously, without anesthesia. A 2020 survey of 1,000 Americans – conducted on behalf of a moving company – found that 64% of respondents reported that their most recent move was “one of the most stressful” things they had ever experienced. (Second on the list of stressful events was a breakup or divorce.) That doesn’t stop Americans from moving. Today, somewhere between 10% to13% of Americans move each year. And the average person in the U.S. moves nearly a dozen times in his or her lifetime. The demographic that moves the most, as you might guess, is people aged 18 to 34. But most moves in the U.S. – about 85%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau – are within the same state. Nearly two-thirds of all moves are within the same county. Let me know why You want to move and I’ll get back to You with the results, and if I can help You with the American Dream, let’s talk To the American Dream, Dr. Hank

Moving Forward

Spirit will tell Us where and when to move forward through the energy of where You are!

To be guided, We merely need to be quiet.  If You are in a struggle where the energy is unwanted, it’s Your signal to “get out of town”!

This can be a move to somewhere or away from someone or something.  Give permission to be guided by Spirit!  Anything born from Our analytical mind will move You backward!

When the path is easy, You are moving forward!  

If You want to move forward and experience your dreams, let’s talk about it! Schedule a call here

The Healer Within!

The mind has a profound influence on the state of Our well-being!  The mind can heal or not!

You can strengthen Your health through the vast ability of Your mind.  Using Our imagination, God’s playground, We can tap into The Healer Within!

Shift Your awareness to Your physical, emotional and mental health.  Where do You want The Healer Within to focus on first?

Has Your body, emotions or mind been trying to tell You something?  Are You willing to TRUST the Kingdom and the Healer within?

Will You ALLOW Yourself to be healed, to have perfect health!

We already have all the healing powers We need within Us!  Now breathe in deeply and imagine Your deepening sense of awareness.  Drift comfortably into Your still, quiet place within.  Quiet Your body, quiet Your emotions and quiet Your mind.  You are becoming meek and You the meek inherit the earth!  Those that go within, overcome the world, and lead the abundant Life!

This is starting to enrich the natural flow of healing energies within You!  All good things and a greater comfort goes throughout You!  You are nourishing Your whole being and tapping more and more into The Healer Within! If You are seeking better mental, emotional or physical health, I can help You to further tap into Your Healer by going here.

I Love You, Dr. Hank 

Find Your Treasures

We all have an endless stream of amazing treasures that We can have and experience!

We simply need to CHOOSE  and CLAIM these riches that are all abundantly available to Us!

Clues will emerge into Your experience automatically as You EXPECT and CLAIM Your treasures!  We can all experience the boundless blessings that are Yours to enjoy!

Intuition will guide You and Your heightened awareness will awaken Your six senses that will show You the signs and give You the signals to keep You on track to discover Your life’s treasures!

All of Your intentional desires will set into motion the treasure seeking mechanism within as You have a positive expectancy that brings serendipitous opportunities, God sends, and boundless blessings!

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All My Love, Dr. Hank