Need A Steady Strong Friend

If You are looking for a steady strong friend, there are many standing by to love, guide and support You!

These Friends of Yours include God, Your Angels, other People and of course Mother Nature, including trees!

Think of the enormous limbs that reach out to You with welcome arms!  Think how strong, long lived and how trees take the long view of Life!  How resilient they are and how they can provoke an emotional response of AWE from within You!  AWE decreases stress, anxiety and even inflammation!

And trees can even quiet our mental chatter, what I call our smaller self’s committee members of f.e.a.r. ( false evidence appearing real), worry and doubt.  Trees deactivate this mental chatter by deactivating our brain’s default mode and placing Us into a state of awe and divine absorption!

Trees are generous and share nutrients with other trees, plants and grass as they naturally clean the air We all breathe!

You can get healing energy from trees!  Simply stand on her massive roots and hug her massive trunk as You feel the magnetic energy of Mother Earth flowing through You!

But most of all, AWE, can reap incredible benefits including being happier and more generous!  

Oh My, We all have such steady strong Friends to support Us, Guide Us and love Us including even a hug with Mother Nature and Her trees.

I Love You, Dr. Hank 

P.S. If You want another steady strong Friend, then let’s talk and create some AWE together

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