Call Forth Peace In 2021

You have the loving power to call forth PEACE for You and Your Family this New Year!  Here’s a fast track to peace:

Breathe in deeply and imagine you are breathing in light, calling light to yourself.  With the peace that you have, imagine that in front of you is an angel of peace, a being of peace, one who is here to love, guide, and support you. 

Feel yourself growing even more peaceful, as if the burdens and cares are being lifted from your shoulders.  Your solar angel is with you, the angel of your soul.  And you feel yourself, with this peace, attuned to the angelic kingdom — the beautiful music, the rare and refined atmosphere, such love, harmony, joy, ease, play.   Waves of this energy are all about you that you can attune to when you are in a state of peace.  You are magnetic to all the light and the angelic beings. 

And this angel of peace in front of you looks you in the eyes and asks if you are ready to sustain a new level of peace and harmony in your life, to play with the angels and the beings of light more often.  If you are ready, this being holds in his or her hand a flame of peace, a peace that comforts, that lifts, that soothes You! 

Take this flame of peace in your hand and bring it into your heart, or let it grow large and surround your body, an emanation from the highest of levels, this flame of peace, from the All-That-Is, from the Oneness.  This is the flame that joins and unites You with peace.  Allow this to feel like all the parts of yourself, Your mind, body, spirit/emotions are coming together into one, unified wholeness of love and peace…who You really are! 

You can put this flame of peace into any area of your life or any relationship, imagining as you do that you are bringing all into harmony with this higher vibration of peace.  Say to yourself, “There is only peace and harmony.” and there will be for You now and for all of 2021!

I send You PEACE, Dr. Hank 

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