The Prayers of I AM & VIOLET LIGHT


Shining and changing all into the golden treasures of Love, who I AM 💝

I AM projecting my Love out into the world

I AM the power of infinite Love ❤️Amplifying itself to all wanted!

MY FLAME IS BLAZING 🔥My God Love is raising!

I go now in my wanted place of joy!

I AM Present ever more and mindful of thy Grace of good feeling thoughts!

The flame of God shall ever cheer me, and show thy smiling face!

Archangel Michael you have graced me with the release of fear, and I stand wrapped in love for who I really am , for I AM THAT I AM 😇

The Prayer of VIOLET FLAME 💜🔥

I Am a Being of Violet Fire, I AM the Purity of who I am.

The Earth is a Planet of Violet Fire, the Earth is the Purity I desires.

I AM Love acting here, casting Love and setting all of Us forever free 💝

With wings of cosmic Love. I AM calling in full love and grace to all life in every place!

I flood forth Loving Grace. (3x)

Hear, O Universe, I AM Love ❤️ I am so magnificent and ask for My Love to be magnified to Us all 💗

I AM the Peace and Presence! I AM the presence of Divine Peace that flows out into the universe!

I AM pure love that now moves forward up the escalator to all My desires 🥰

And so it is 💝 Amen

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