How to Slay the Turkeys of your Life

How to slay the turkeys of your life!

Laurie always got along with everyone. But still, she winced at the thought of Thanksgiving and her Uncle Joe! He would always pick on her, say gross things, and the list became longer and longer about all the things she didn’t like about him. To Uncle Joe, Laurie was always wrong no matter what she said or did.

During the family get-together at Thanksgiving, she blew up. Her niece cried. She knew the neighbors heard. She could feel the tension with her other siblings. And she was boiling, even after it was over! Laurie was not looking forward to the next holiday at all. Uncle Joe was ruining everything…Uncle Joe was not the Turkey! Who was Laurie’s turkey?

We all have turkeys in our lives. But are they really your uncle, your boss, your whacko neighbor, the bank, the pandemic, your credit card company, your ex, or your joint pain? You might think they are, they might feel like turkeys, but they aren’t compared to the real Turkey. So then, who was Laurie’s turkey?

It was her subconscious mind! Laurie’s turkey was the anger and rage that came up when Uncle Joe pushed her buttons.
Our subconscious mind can create challenges coming from deep within, bubbling up, causing problems at every turn. They include: Fear – Frustration – Overwhelm – Uncertainty – Procrastination – Self-Sabotage – Poor Memory – Anxiety – Negative Beliefs – Stress – Jealousy – Self-Esteem – Weight Gain – Low Energy – Aging – Shame – Money – Bad Habits – Negative Self-Talk

Today, Laurie is living proof that turkeys can be darn easy to slay…simply by thinking differently about Uncle Joe and herself!

Here’s how she did it…
You see, she simply did my “Joy Shop” in the morning and wrote 21 times a magical sentence especially created for her and her turkeys!
And how can you get rid of your turkeys, or achieve any desire you want?

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You can be the hero and improve any aspect of your life too!

You can have Calm at your Center – Clarity – Loving Relationships – A Rewarding Career – Perfect Health – Fun Adventures – Sufficient Finances – Genius Thinking – Wild Creativity – Ideal Family – Peace of Mind.

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There is nothing to study. No books or classes! We will tap into your subconscious mind, and discover the loving power within you!

You will see that this system I have created will magically create a better life for you as it did for Laurie:

“Dr. Hank is the greatest teacher I have ever known!  He taught me how life plays and how I can have everything that I want by simply thinking differently!  I now have a thriving business, inward peace, happiness, and my villains have turned into Saints!”
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