Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Easy Thoughts!”

Hello my friend. Each morning I read and then feel these ‘easy thoughts’ that help me start the day off happy! I would suggest you do the same by printing this off, breathing deeply and reading this to yourself each morning as you arise.

I am right on track.
I am sure footed.
I move down stream.
Everything cooperates with me.

I am a huge fan and friend of God.
I love the good life.
I am pure positive energy.
I take it easy.

I have friends in high places!
My Life is improving.
Relief now sweeps through me.
I am well tended to by God.

I call and Spirit comes running!
What matters is completely on my side.
There is a broad, all knowing and wise partner with me.
I call the shots on what I want and God delivers!

All things work out for me.
Things are getting better and better for me.
I am a miracle!
I am the lucky one!
I have no list of things to do, just a list of things to enjoy!
I am cashing in on my desires.

Have a terrific week, be easy on yourself, and know that everything good is coming your way!


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