Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Paving My New Life!”

My Friend,

This week we pave the corridor of our lives for a new and better Life. We start by being grateful for all that we became, created and achieved during our Life. It has been a Life in which we grew ourselves, our relationships and our businesses. We look upon our past with only good thoughts, knowing that all our experiences led us to this good place where we stand now.

We continue to pave our Life’s corridors by seeing this new Life of ours unfolding gracefully with ease and prosperity. As we call our desires, we know that the Universe answers with all the support and guidance to open the doors of opportunity for us. This power arranges all the circumstances, events and people to fulfill all of our dreams. We see more good clients coming our way, with ideal referrals and easy closings. We see our relationships growing with love and depth. We see our health improving as we are feeling and looking better each day.

We see the doors of opportunity swing wide open for us and know that the new Life we are now creating for ourselves shall be the best we have ever had. We now put down our resistance and raise all the good that Life has to offer us. We allow all prosperity into our lives during this wonderful new Life, as we pave our future with these good and positive thoughts that creates our lives exactly as we think it.

Think on this one for a while and enjoy your week.


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