Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “I Have Decided!”

My Friend,

We have this amazing ability to decide what we want at any given time. This week let us decide to have a better Life with more prosperity, happiness and more meaningful relationships.

Simply read the following and make sure you breathe deeply as you do for this will connect you powerfully to the power that creates worlds and your desires.

I have decided to chill out!
I have decided to wake up on the right side of the bed!
I have decided to give myself permission to enjoy my day!

I have decided to start out on the right foot!
I have decided to use my power to feel good right now!
I have decided to see this world as God does!

I love me and who I have become!
I love me and all the people in this world!
I love me and now think about what pleases me!

I now find things to praise!
I now find things to appreciate!
I now find things to enjoy!

I have decided to look for fun in this day!
I have decided to look for the good in everything and everyone!
I have decided to be the goodness that lies within me!

I would also encourage you to give up your guardedness this week. We all have that small child within our heart that stands at guard due to the pain we have experienced from past situations. Today, let us ask our ‘heart guard’, that child within us all, to be “at ease” and rest in our heart and allow ourselves to open our heart to the fullness and joy of this Life!

There is nothing that can hurt us and the only person or thing against us is ourselves. Let us decide to rest this only ‘enemy of me’ and give it up to our Higher Selves. Everything is backing you and supporting you and as we open our heart we will be able to give and receive more love to ourselves and each other.


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