Encouragement From Dr. Hank – “Get Into The Game!”

My Friend,

It is not the critic that counts!  Not the person who points out how the strong man stumbles.  Not the one who says the deeds of another could have been better.

Rather, the credit goes to the Enlightened One that is in the game!  The one whose heart is open, whose mind is clear and whose senses are alive!

Let us this week strive valiantly!
Let us have great enthusiasm!
Let us have great devotion to what we want!

Let us invest our thoughts into that which we seek!
Let us dare to be the magnificent ones which we are!
Let us move towards our highest and grandest dreams!

Let us be warm and bold and knowing!
Let us flow down the stream of abundance!
Let us be easy, allowing, and filled with joy!

This is how we get into the game of Life as we choose to do so right now.  Enjoy your week and know that everything you desire is coming your way as YOU get into the game!


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Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “Push My Buttons!”

We have all had those people in our lives that just know or knew how to push our buttons.  I can think about my in-laws who knew how to “Push My Buttons!”  Man they used to upset me!

How about you, who is in your Life that pushes your buttons?  Usually it is people that are very close to us.  I know a woman who complains to me about the lack of intimacy that her spouse gives her.  When I asked her about what she wants from her spouse, she continued to tell me about what she didn’t like about him…what she didn’t want.  No wonder she was not happy with him!

If you would like to have those people stop pushing your buttons, you must realize that you are the one who created the buttons!  “Push MY Buttons” are indeed your buttons and You can have them stop once you stop thinking about and talking about your old buttons!

All we need do is understand and accept that the active vibrations within us then show themselves to us in our experience!  If we keep on thinking about what we don’t like, about the buttons we don’t like, then we shall continue to get what we don’t want.

This week let us decide to make new buttons about what we want!  No matter what you do and where you go, you take yourself with you!  You follow yourself where you go and today is the day that you make the buttons of your dreams.  The whole world will then push your buttons and you will love it for these are the buttons that you have deliberately intended.

Instead of accepting the current circumstances that you are living, let us all decide to create new circumstances as we make new buttons that make our dreams come true!  Then you can say “Push My Buttons” and enjoy it. ☺


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Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “I Get It!”

My Friend,

Life continues to call all of us forward.  As we relax into our well-being we will be led to our desires, the things that make us feel good. ☺  This week let us be more confident and happier by knowing this:

I get it that I am here with purpose!
I get that I am an extension of my Source!
I get that I am made in the image and likeness of God!

I get it that I extend where thought and feeling has not been before!
I get that Life’s contrast of the things I don’t want births what I do want!
I get that this hatching of new desires then extends All That Is!

I get that I am new unto this moment!
I get that I collect these new desires!
I get that Source immediately is with my new desires!

I get that God moves Its love and energy into my desires!
I get that the stars align and everything is put into motion for me!
I get that everything backs me and supports me to my desires!

I get it that I can move in the direction of my desires!
I get it that my good feelings guide me into this holy direction!
I get it that I can find the thoughts that feel best!

As you allow, believe and expect the things you want to flow to you, so they shall come with all the power, all the love and all the glory for your Joy!  You got it!


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Encouragement From Dr. Hank: “A Whole Lot More!”

My Friend,

Did you know that as you read these Weekly Encouragements each week you feel better and this places you in a better place to allow more into your Life?

As you feel better you align with the same good feeling of God and this allows you to start enjoying the natural stream of this good Life. You will discover that there is A Whole Lot More waiting for you and you can start claiming your inheritance by thinking upon these thoughts this week:

Say to yourself I HAVE…

A whole lot more good.
A whole lot more fun.
A whole lot more hope.

A whole lot more money.
A whole lot more joy.
A whole lot more prosperity.

A whole lot more happiness.
A whole lot more freedom.
A whole lot more abundance.

A whole lot more relationships.
A whole lot more experiences.
A whole lot more circumstances.

A whole lot more momentum.
A whole lot more thriving.
A whole lot more success.

A whole lot more beauty.
A whole lot more peace.
A whole lot more excitement.

There is a whole lot more coming your way as you think upon the good that is in your Life and the Good that is coming to you when you believe it. You will see it when you believe it!

Expect this week to be the best!


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