Let’s Have Fun!

My Friend!  We intended to come here and have fun and create what We want!  To simply ask and receive and have a blast with what We get!

Let’s lighten up and smell the roses today!  Let’s enjoy our selves and focus on the things We do want by breathing in and out deeply and reading the following with feeling:

Today I have decided to have fun!
I am going to enjoy Myself!
Things I like come to Me easily!

Today I am going to have fun!
I am going to be a fun and happy person!
Fun is now My middle name as I relax and enjoy!

Today I want to feel fun in My every thought!
I am going to seek and find things that feel good!
Everything is coming My way, the way I want it!

Today I am going to have more fun!
I am seeing the good in every situation and person!
Laughing at some of My expectations and demands is funny!

Today I savor and enjoy more fun!
I am a fun person and I have decided to be more fun!
Fun ideas now flow to Me powerfully and easily!

As We have fun together today We put Ourselves in a place of allowing and receiving more of what We have asked for.  It is natural for each one of us to be fun loving and so let’s have fun!


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