Something Is Calling Me!

My Friend!  We have all experienced a feeling that “Something Is Calling Me!”  There is a power greater than our physical bodies that is calling each of US with love, tenderness and the deepest caring for YOU 🙂

Our Source, Our God, knows where You are at, where You want to go and the path to get there easily and happily!  We are all being called to go in the direction of what We have asked for.  We have all experienced too much of the unwanted (most call bad) and this has birthed the very desires that God awaits to carry US too!

To provide YOU more clarity on where YOU do want to go and to allow God to take you there, read the following slowly and breathe deeply as YOU say to Yourself:

I want to know where I want to go!
I now listen to the new thoughts that come to ME!
I know the Universe hears My feelings now!

It is as I feel!
It is up to Me to feel good!
It is now easy for Me to feel good!

I am becoming that which I want!
I am becoming clearer of that which I want!
I am becoming a magnet to the things that I desire!

I want it and therefore it is!
I want it because it feels good!
I want it and can now allow it to come to Me!

It is so comforting to know that WE are all being guided, supported and loved by Our higher power that rests within US.  The kingdom rests within US and we now allow the Father to do the work!


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Turning Thoughts Into Things!

My Friend!  I was told the other day that I am just a “Dreamer”!  I love this because it is my thoughts that turn into things.  Everything created in this world comes from our thoughts so let’s create the life of our dreams!

Read the following slowly and with feeling and start to watch YOUR thoughts turns into the things that YOU want!

I turn My thoughts to things!
I turn My feelings to thoughts!
I turn My thoughts to energy!

My energy sends the signal to Source!
My energy signal is answered by Source!
My energy then turns into the things I want!

It is My happiness that leads to My desires!
It is My thoughts that create My happiness!
It is My energy vibration from thought that creates!

How I feel is all important!
How I feel is dependent on My thought!
How I feel is what I care about most!

I offer My thought to the things that make My heart sing!
I offer My thought to the things that feel good to Me!
I offer My thought to the things that are playing out for Me!

Each of us have the power to think about these good feeling thoughts as we turn our cheek from those thoughts that don’t!  This is going to now be a fun day for us as we dream and turn our thoughts into things!


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This Is Our Harvest Time

My Friend!  This is the perfect time for you to enjoy life and reap the harvest of all that you have asked for!  Think of all the things that you have wanted and now imagine that they are flowing to you like a mighty mountain stream 🙂

We have all sowed for long enough and it is our inheritance that we now call forth easily and powerfully!  These words will help your abundance come to you starting on your next breath as you say with feeling…

I am going to let the good times roll for me now!
I am more spontaneous and light and free now!
I am now going to spend what I have sown!

It is time for me to claim what I have asked for!
It is my HARVEST TIME that I allow to come to me now!
It is the perfection and value of me that is here now!

I let go of my cares!
I let go others’ judgments!
I let go of judging me and allow my good to come to me!

This is your moment my friend!  This is the time that you have been waiting for!  All the reasons for you to be happy and have what you want are with you now as this is YOUR HARVEST TIME!


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