Everything is Alright!

My Friend! Everything is alright and God is always with YOU, guiding You through Your emotions. Allow these words to resonate through Your being as You breathe deeply, relax, and smile upon this comfort…

I am always being comforted!
I am always being loved!
I am always being guided!

I am doing the best that I can!
I am making progress with each moment!
I am feeling better more of the time!

I am going to be easier with Myself 🙂
I am going to be gentler with Myself 🙂
I am always loved and going there now!

I am always guided!
I embrace My worthiness!
I am worthy and am enjoying this ride!

I go to the wavelength of My Source!
I am in a pure positive place!
It is easier and I feel My happiness now!

Everything is alright and getting better for YOU. May this week bring You more happiness and more of the things You desire!


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