Looking for Love!

My Friend! Have You been looking for Love but in all the wrong places? We all want to be loved, and it all starts with loving Ourselves first.

Last night I watched the funny and what many consider spiritual movie of “Ground Hog Day”. Bill Murray wakes up every morning at 6:00 in the same bed, same city and the same day! Do You sometimes feel like it is the same day too with the same routine, same people and same outcomes?

Bill Murray wanted love and He was looking for love in the wrong places by attempting to please others. The moment He turned his attention on Loving Himself, He was able to Love others and then His Life moved to the next new, brighter and loving day!

If You want to have a new day where You are renewed, refreshed and excited about the fabulous moments ahead of You, simply read this with feeling!

I now seek and find Love in Myself!
I look within for the eternal Love that awaits Me!
I now recognize My Inner Soul, My Inner Being!

Love and Infinite Intelligence are always with Me!
All those before Me are here with Me to Love, guide and support Me!
ALL THAT IS Loves Me and wants to show Me the way 🙂

All that I have done is important!
Where I am is important!
Where I am going is most important!

I choose the residence of being with My Love, My God!
I focus on being fully in this Loving moment!
I see only Love in everything and then more Love comes to Me!

Let Us all see the Love in this world, in all others and most importantly within Ourselves…for this is looking for Love in ALL the right places!


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I Am Feeling My Way!

My Friend! Everything we want is simply to feel better! And once we get what we want, we are off to another desire that will make us feel even better 🙂

Everything we want is an emotional path and We are always guided by our feelings to ensure we are on our way to what we want. We can ALWAYS get what we want as we follow our emotions. Let us be gentle, subtle and allow these words to guide our feelings to be on our way…

I am figuring this out!
I am feeling my way!
I can ALWAYS get what I want!

I trust my emotions more than my physical reality!
My physical reality is only the accumulation of my thoughts and feelings 🙂
I now call on the Love & Power of God to lead my feelings!

I am not alone!
I have help from The All Powerful & Mighty!
I call upon this Source to lead me to My happiness 🙂

I accept the goodness that is me!
My way is now Lighted and I am found!
I trust the guidance of my emotions to lead me to my abundance!

You are always on your way and it is now becoming easier with every thought as you choose the path of your good feelings 🙂


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