Miracle Makers!

My Friend,

Did you know that miracles are happening all around us and to us all the time and every day? We usually miss them because we are too ‘busy’ thinking about the things that trouble us or that we are fearful of happening 😦

Today, let us decide to be Miracle Makers. Here are the easy steps to have more miracles come into your Life:

  1. Start ASKING for more miracles today in your Life! Ask and you shall receive as long as you believe it…you will see it when you believe it!
  2. Start EXPECTING more miracles today in your Life! It is only possible for God to give you everything, if you ask for it…ask and you shall receive it!
  3. Invest more time in MOTHER NATURE as there are so many miracles that will stir your senses and touch your soul when taking a walk or looking out a window 🙂

The definition of Miracles is to align yourself with God, your Source from which you come. Some easy ways to align with Source are to think about things that make your heart sing. These may include:

Thinking about when your child tells you “I love you” 🙂

Thinking about when your loved one gives you a kiss in the morning 🙂

Thinking about the unconditional love your Grandmother gave you 🙂

We have all experienced miracles before in our Life! Why not call forth a bunch more starting now? Let us all stand tall, be easy and relaxed as we together become Miracle Makers!


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