Expect Surprises!

My Friend!

This week I would like for all of us to EXPECT SURPRISES in Our Lives!!! One easy way to have these SURPRISES flow powerfully to Us is to visualize the type of SURPRISES that make Your Heart Sing!!!

When You visualize, include the Universe and its magic to shower You with many things You have asked for 🙂 See the unexpected popping into Your Life and imagine the FEELINGS You have after receiving some awesome curve balls from God!

Imagine fantastic coincidences and amazing synchronicity of people and events happening in your dreamed of circle of events that boost You further than You ever thought possible!

Imagine receiving some amazing news from a friend and client, and then receiving a shockingly wonderful gift from a complete stranger that helps further Your cause of what You want!

Imagine telling Your Friends and putting on Facebook the amazing SURPRISES that have come into Your Life! Imagine opening an email and finding it filled with incredibly wonderful news about Your health and wealth!

As You EXPECT the MAGIC and SURPRISES in Your imagination, You will start to walk hand in hand with God and enjoy the abundance that is Your inheritance!


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Miracle Makers!

My Friend,

Did you know that miracles are happening all around us and to us all the time and every day? We usually miss them because we are too ‘busy’ thinking about the things that trouble us or that we are fearful of happening 😦

Today, let us decide to be Miracle Makers. Here are the easy steps to have more miracles come into your Life:

  1. Start ASKING for more miracles today in your Life! Ask and you shall receive as long as you believe it…you will see it when you believe it!
  2. Start EXPECTING more miracles today in your Life! It is only possible for God to give you everything, if you ask for it…ask and you shall receive it!
  3. Invest more time in MOTHER NATURE as there are so many miracles that will stir your senses and touch your soul when taking a walk or looking out a window 🙂

The definition of Miracles is to align yourself with God, your Source from which you come. Some easy ways to align with Source are to think about things that make your heart sing. These may include:

Thinking about when your child tells you “I love you” 🙂

Thinking about when your loved one gives you a kiss in the morning 🙂

Thinking about the unconditional love your Grandmother gave you 🙂

We have all experienced miracles before in our Life! Why not call forth a bunch more starting now? Let us all stand tall, be easy and relaxed as we together become Miracle Makers!


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Act As If!

My Friend! When you act as if you are and have what you want, it will come to You!

When You “Act As If” You are showing Your act of faith in God! You know that God shall deliver to You the things You have prayed and thought upon!

Know this as You “Act As If!”:

I am worthy!
I am deserving!
I am giving Myself permission!

There is plenty!
There is plenty for all!
There is plenty for Me!!!

I am an unlimited human being!
I am a powerful human being!
I am the Creator of My experience!

I know that all things are possible!
I know that I believe in Me!
I know that all things are possible for Me!

I know I am surrounded with wealth!
I know I am surrounded with prosperity!
I know I am surrounded with abundance!

I know I can BE what I want!
I know I can HAVE what I want!
I know I can DO what I want!

Today is the day You can begin living Your dreams! These positive acts of faith shall bring You these aspirations as You “ACT AS IF”!


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I See You!

My Friend,

Have you found yourself surprised when someone likes another person you don’t? It seems that everyone has an opinion about other people and it can vary with the wind. I have my own opinion about you and it is as sure as the sun coming up tomorrow morning. ☺

Here is how I SEE YOU!

You are a fun person who I love to be around!
You are a brilliant person with the perfect thoughts and words to share with me.
You are beautiful in so many ways that words cannot even describe!

I love your smile!
I love how thoughtful you are!
I love how kind you are to me!

If there is one person I would want to be with it is YOU!
If there is one person I can rely on it is YOU!
If there is one person that makes my heart sing it is YOU!

I know how warm your heart is!
I know how deeply you feel!
I know how you want the best for all!

This is how I SEE YOU! Do you see yourself this way too? I know that what I say about you is true. You are this way and I thank you for being YOU!


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