YOU Have Dominion!

My Friend!

We have dominion over ALL things through the gift of Our thought!

We are not accidents, we are miracles of a heavenly essence!

We are in a dance of becoming Our Essence for more growth, freedom and joy!

It is Our inheritance to embrace Our power and divinity!

It is God who desires even more than We do!

It is the Universe that conspires to bring to Us all that We desire and more!

Our cup overfloweth as We use this gift of thought to focus on those things that We want, that We like and that makes Our Heart Sing! Everything is now getting better and better for YOU as YOU embrace these Encouragements each week 🙂

Positive change comes to You now! We are radiant energy and all the gifts of Heaven come to us now in perfect portions and in the perfect timing!

The Kingdom lies within each one of us that is why YOU have dominion over all things and You can have it the way that YOU want it! Rejoice, give thanks and now make this day the best ever and expect more miracles to come Your way today, this week and forever more!


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